• Commercial Cleaning Tips for Winter

    Dec 16, 2021

    As cold weather settles in across the country, it’s time for a few seasonal tips for managing the cold weather and its impact on your business. 

    Clean Windows for Winter

    Of course, clean windows are glorious to behold, but aside ...

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  • The Importance of Keeping Server Rooms Spotless

    Nov 11, 2021

    In many businesses, the server room plays a vital role in keeping the place running smoothly. Customers and employees alike rely on round-the-clock performance from your server room, making its efficiency and upkeep a main priority. 

    Why Clean Your ...

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  • Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

    Nov 09, 2021

    Cleaning Faucet

    Hydrogen peroxide has been used since the early 1800s. While its first commercial use was primarily for bleaching hats, it is useful for a multitude of tasks – from something as small as whitening teeth to something as grand as ...

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  • Gym Floor Care

    Nov 04, 2021

    Gymnasiums are a focal point for many schools and athletic clubs across the country. As the ‘showcase’ of the facility, good-looking floors are key to conveying a positive message about the school, team, and students accessing the facilities. The secret ...

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  • Types of Compartment Sinks

    Oct 28, 2021

    Commercial kitchens can benefit greatly from the efficiency and utility of a compartment sink. With multiple types available, however, it’s important to factor in every detail to determine the best sink for your space. 

    Number of Compartments

    The most important ...

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  • Types of Mold and Treatment

    Oct 21, 2021

    Lawton Bros is headquartered in Florida, a state known for its citrus, theme parks, and humidity. Like some other southern states, there is no real “wet season”, but rather a period of slightly less rain. And since moisture is the ...

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  • Renting vs. Buying Mats

    Oct 11, 2021

    Floor mats can greatly optimize a commercial space. Once you’ve decided that commercial floor mats are for you, there is a lot of information to comb through. The first step in your process should be determining whether to buy or ...

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  • Slip-Free Floors with SolidStepCote

    Sep 29, 2021

    Slip-Free Floors with SolidStepCote            

    Slips, trips, and falls resulted in a whopping 240,000 injuries requiring time away from work in 2018. This accounts for 27% of nonfatal occupational injuries and cost an average of $20,000 per incident, according to ...

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  • Paper Towels vs. Hand Dryers

    Sep 22, 2021


    Paper Towels vs Air Dryers

    Since the start of the pandemic last year, we have all increased our awareness around bacteria and hygiene, most specifically in the bathroom. While much of our focus this past year has been on ...

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  • Selecting the Right Trash Can Liner

    Sep 15, 2021


    Selecting the Proper Trash Can Liner

    In the United States, it is estimated that the average person creates approximately 4.5 pounds of waste each day. And, according to Plastics Technology Online, in 2019 there was a whopping 1.33 ...

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  • Bright Ideas

    Aug 30, 2021

    Generally speaking, you will need to replace light bulbs far more often than you will light fixtures. And since lighting accounts for approximately 17% of your energy use as a business, there are some major savings that you could be ...

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  • Types of Wood Flooring

    Aug 24, 2021

    Before installing a wood floor, its important to know the various types – laminate, solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, bamboo, and cork – and their pros and cons 


    Laminate is a cost-effective option that provides substantial durability. Made by compressing ...

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  • Cleaning and Redoing Grout

    Aug 16, 2021

    Tile is a popular choice for floors, walls, and a variety of other surfaces thanks to its durability and versatility in style. In most instances, tile is laid with a few millimeters of space in between, where the grout can ...

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  • Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

    Jul 27, 2021

    Sometimes, it’s easier to leave the cleaning to the professionals. But when it comes time to find a professional for the job, it can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing the right questions to ask beforehand can save a lot of ...

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  • Implementing an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

    Jul 22, 2021

    Consistency and correct use of materials are key in maintaining a clean and welcoming atmosphere in your facility. However, it’s quite rare for everyone to do things in the same manner. That’s why many businesses have implemented Standard Operating Procedures ...

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  • Stay Dry: Keeping Water Outside During Hurricane Season

    Jul 15, 2021


    Hurricane Season is upon us, meaning that tropical storms in the state of Florida are imminent. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over 40% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen. As this is the case, it’s ...

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  • Maintaining Carpet Tile

    Jun 28, 2021


    Carpet tile is a great option for a multitude of commercial businesses. A favorite of airports, hospitals, and even restaurants, carpet tile is durable and economical. As with any flooring, getting the most bang for your buck means proper ...

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  • Cleaning the Cleaner: Mops

    Jun 23, 2021

    The best way to eliminate mop odor, mildew, and mold growth is by preventing it. This includes 5 main components: washing the mop, allowing the mop to fully dry, properly storing the mop, and replacing it when the time comes. ...

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  • Managing Seasonal Pests

    Jun 09, 2021


    Keeping your business sanitary and successful means dealing with a multitude of pests, year-round. Pests such as roaches, mosquitos, and rats can spread disease and bacteria, putting your customers and staff at risk. Have no fear – IPM is ...

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  • Identifying and Cleaning Furniture Fibers

    Jun 07, 2021

    Every day in the office, we sit in the breakroom or at our desks and don’t really consider if the chair we’re sitting on is clean. And in most cases, we simply brush off any debris we happen upon. Over ...

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