Urinal Odor Elimination

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 08, 2023

Any bathroom is at risk for odor and bacteria buildup, but especially those with urinals. Due to a high possibility for splashing, urine can find its way to the floor and build up, subsequently allowing odor-causing bacteria to thrive with a supple feeding ground. In some facilities, restrooms are equipped with no-water urinals which can further add to the odor. So how do you prevent your urinals from becoming a host to odor and bacteria? 

Clean Surrounding Areas

As mentioned, splatter is a common reason for odor. It is important to regularly clean the walls and floors, including any partitions, pipes, or other pieces that are in a splash zone. Regularly cleaning these areas will help eliminate odors and prevent the buildup of bacteria. 

Clogged Urinals

In cases of water urinals, a clogged or overflowing drain can be caused due to high concentrations of uric acids, uric salt crystals, and calcium from urine or the water used in the urinal. These mineral buildups are relatively easy to fix with the help of a urinal cleaning agent. These are enzyme-based cleaners that are designed to break down uric crystals and remove the smell as well as remove lime and rust deposits. For calcium buildups from hard water, a urinal descaler is necessary. 


Many waterless urinals installed today are retrofits or components that did not exist at the time of manufacture. When a retrofit is installed, the drainage system should be snaked due to the deposit buildup that conventional urinals can leave. If the drains are not cleaned beforehand, the uric deposits will only continue to sit in the pipes, causing malodor in your restroom. 

Waterless Cartridges

Most waterless urinals have specially designed cartridges at the bottom of the urinal bowl, also known as a trap. These are designed to temporarily hold urine before sending it down the drain and contain a sealing liquid to block sewer odors from coming up through the pipes. Depending on the use and cartridge type, these should be replaced every three to six months, and the sealing liquid be replenished as needed.

Restroom Care

There’s a lot of maintenance that goes into keeping your restrooms sparkling and free from odor. At Lawton Brothers, we have a variety of urinal cleaners, mildew stain removers, disinfectants, urinal screens, multi-purpose bathroom cleaners, and more to help you maintain your bathroom. Give us a call today with your questions and let us help you select the right products for your cleaning routine: 800.432.0813

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