5 Low-Waste Cleaning Practices to Save Money and the Environment

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 05, 2023

Every home care blog touts low-waste products, tips, and practices that work for maintaining a home. While these practices may work on a small scale, but they don’t make the cut for commercial entities. However, we still want to do our part and reduce our impact on the environment. So we’ve gathered 5 ways your business can save money and the environment. 

  1. Regular Maintenance

    This may sound like a gimmick, but regular maintenance really can help save your wallet and the environment. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your equipment will add years to its lifespan and allow it to run more efficiently. This reduces your electricity usage and prevents your equipment from ending up in a landfill before its time.

  2. Buy Concentrates

    Ready-to-use products certainly have their advantages, but when it comes to efficiency, concentrates can’t be beaten. Since concentrates are usually chemicals that need to be diluted with water, by purchasing a concentrate, you are significantly decreasing your cost and impact on the environment. The added water weight in ready-to-use chemicals drives up the price of shipping, as well as increases the amount of product needed during application. You get more products with less packaging, less shipping costs (thanks to the lack of water weight and the number of ready-to-use bottles you’re replacing), and longer use of your chemicals.

  3. Invest in Green Products

    Look for the Safer Choice or DfE (Design for the Environment) labels, as both are managed by the EPA. While the product may not impact your facility directly, they align with zero-waste or low-waste cleaning requirements. By purchasing an environmentally friendly chemical, you are directly putting your money towards environmental initiatives and showing the chemical industry that you only support green products.

  4. Manage Your Inventory

    There are many reasons to track your inventory regularly. You need to have certain products and equipment to perform the job and you never want to be forced into the position of paying extra for expedited shipping or purchasing a more expensive item due to availability. Here, low waste is applied to how efficiently your business is run and the impact deliveries can have on the environment.

  5. Switch to Microfiber

    Microfiber cleaning cloths last longer than other materials. They can be washed and reused numerous times and still look brand new. Most microfiber cloths require less water to clean, as well. This will help save money on your water bill and on replacement clothes. 

    Going Green? Let us Help

    At Lawton Brothers we offer a green cleaning audit to help you find how you can be more environmentally friendly in your cleaning practices. We have a comprehensive approach that starts with discussing your goals. We’ll conduct a facility assessment to determine what areas are best suited for cost-effective green cleaning and provide you with a list of recommended products, tools, and practices for your building. We also train your staff and assist with the implementation of your customized program. Sound interesting? Give us a call today to learn more: 800.432.0813.

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