About Us

Lawton Brothers is a full-service distributor of janitorial products, supplies and equipment. We also self-manufacture over 100 cleaning products expertly formulated drawing from our 67+ years of experience.

As a proud member of the Pro-Link distributor network, we are able to deliver consistent programs and products to customers throughout the United States. Pro-Link is a group of independent distributors that are considered to be the leaders in the industry.

Cleaning Expertise

Lawton Brothers is not only a janitorial supply company; we are also cleaning experts. Lawton Brothers' cleaning expertise, training and support helps our clients improve the overall level of clean in their facility while controlling costs.

Industry studies tell us that clean and healthy facilities are environments where customers prefer to shop, employee productivity is higher, and guests prefer to be. Industry studies also tell us that labor accounts for 80% of the costs to keep a facility clean. Our quality and high performance products, combined with our process training will reduce your cleaning labor costs while yielding a cleaner, healthier facility.

The Lawton Brothers approach is a simple yet effective one. We work to understand the needs of our customers, then work together to implement effective solutions and provide continuous training and support.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable our clients to enhance the quality of their organization and increase productivity by providing cost control services, continuous training and products of the highest quality, resulting in sustained value for our clients.


Our vision is to be recognized by our clients as a valued asset to their organization.

Values & Beliefs

Guided by our shared values each one of us is fully empowered to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and our fellow workers.


Always act fairly, ethically and honestly in dealing with our clients and each other in all situations.

Customer Driven

The clients we work for drive all our actions. We continually listen to them, anticipate and understand their needs, and exceed their expectations.

Continuous Improvement

We encourage creativity and innovation, initiative and risk taking, to continuously improve our services and products as measured by our clients.

Choose Lawton Brothers to Enhance Your Environment

Over 65 years ago, Sonny and Bill Lawton started Lawton Brothers to enable their clients to enhance the quality of their organizations. The same is true today. When you do business with Lawton Brothers, your organization will be a better, cleaner, and healthier place.

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