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Paper Measuring ToolWe estimate that around 35% of towel and tissue cases being sold on the market today do not contain the amount of paper you think they do!

Are you getting ALL of what you are paying for?

  • How many feet are really on the roll?
  • How many towels are really in the case?

Are you frustrated with the cost and quality of the paper towels and tissue you are purchasing?

Why is there such a difference in the price of seemingly comparable products?

At Lawton Brothers we will show you the truth about what you are purchasing. In our audit we will look at…

…how many feet are really on the roll of towel and tissue?
…what size is the towel and how many are in the case?
…and much more.

We will bring a scale and a measuring device and evaluate what you are purchasing right in front of you.

Contact Lawton Brothers and schedule an audit of your restroom paper program.

Choosing a supplier is a matter of trust… Put us to the test!

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