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Did You Know?

70%-80% of soil is tracked in with daily traffic through a facility's entrances.

  • Tracked in dirt damages all types of flooring – carpet, tile, wood, etc.
  • Mats are the first line of defense to stop dirt and moisture from entering a building, which can affect a facility's indoor air quality.
  • As few as 150 people entering a facility can track in one pound of dirt in a 5-day work week.
  • Up to two pounds of dirt per square yard can be tracked into and throughout a facility per year.
  • ISSA estimates tracked in soils cost $600 per pound to remove from a typical building.
  • Over 30% of worker injuries are slip related.
  • 91% of people select a store for its appearance and 42% judge it primarily by the cleanliness of the floors.

A proper matting system dramatically reduces slip & falls and maintenance costs by effectively stopping moisture and dirt before they enter the facility.

When choosing entrance matting, keep in mind:

  • It takes a minimum of 10-15 feet of matting at your entrance to effectively prevent soil and moisture from entering the facility.

Entrance Mat Placement

Lawton Brothers offers a complete line of matting solutions for all areas of your facility:

Outdoor - Scraper Mats 
A commercial scraper mat is your first line of defense when protecting your facility. Scraper mats are designed to remove sand, dirt and mud from the shoe. This mat provides aggressive scraping action and traps dirt in recessed areas. To be most effective a 5 foot scraper mat should be placed outside the entrance to remove the heavy soil from the shoes of people entering the building.

Scraper/Wiper Mats
A quality Scraper/Wiper mats are designed to provide scraping action and wiping to further stop soil, not removed by the scraper mat, from being tracked into your facility. Multi-directional brushing action of Scraper/Wiper mat plays a major role in the removal of finer soils and the retention of water. To be most effective a 5 foot scraper/wiper mat should be placed just inside the entrance door but may be placed outside.

Indoor – Wiper Mats
Commercial wiper entrance mats are your third and final line of defense, designed to remove the remaining moisture and soil left on the shoe after crossing the scraper and scraper/wiper mats. The wiper mat is made of dense fibers that absorb moisture which helps reduce slip & fall accidents related to wet entrances and improve indoor air quality. To be most effective place a 5 foot wiper mat indoors.

Anti-Fatigue Mats
It is reported that 83% of industrial workers suffer from foot, leg and back pain at one time or another. Anti-fatigue matting has been proven to actually change the chemistry of the lower body, reducing lactic acid build up by keeping muscles active. This translates into less strain and pain, better employee morale and attendance, and lower workers' compensation claims.

Specialty Mats
We also have a variety of specialty mats that include: logo mats, safety mats, kitchen & industrial mats, runner mats and chair mats.

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