• Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Cutting Down Your Carbon Footprint

    Nov 09, 2017

    In times past, cutting down on your carbon footprint only caused inconvenience and extra cost. These days, though, reducing, reusing and recycling can save money and enhance corporate images, all the while taking pressure off our too-polluted environment. What's not ...

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  • Hand Dryers vs. Paper Towels: What You Need to Know

    Oct 10, 2017

    Which method should your building use for hand drying in the restrooms? The correct answer will depend on your goals. The question of hygiene was finally settled, if you can take the serious researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the ...

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  • Post Hurricane Cleaning

    Oct 02, 2017

    If your home or business was in the path of a hurricane, the damage that the water and winds left behind may seem impossible to repair. However, once a hurricane has passed, the cleaning does have to begin. Getting back ...

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  • Odor Control: Fragrance Vs. Non-Fragrance

    Sep 20, 2017

    Whether there are odors in your office building that are the result of spilled food in the employee break room, smoke or chemicals, being cooped up in an office with offensive odors can wreak havoc on your nose. If odors ...

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  • How Microfiber Works

    Sep 06, 2017

    Of all the natural and the ordinary synthetic textiles used for cleaning, cotton has reigned supreme for its ability to absorb liquids. Until, that is, the development and industrial manufacturing of microfiber took the field. While certain microfiber products can ...

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  • How to Avoid Mold During the Summer

    Aug 18, 2017

    Mold is a common problem in commercial properties. It can grow and spread throughout a building before anyone notices that it’s even there. Although mold is usually identified by its black hue, it can exist in a wide range of ...

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  • Best Practices for Carpet Care

    Aug 09, 2017

    Commercial properties such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, and retail outlets experience a large amount of traffic that circulates through almost every room in the building. With the traffic comes tracked-in dirt that will soil the carpet as well as ...

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  • Disinfecting High Traffic Areas in Schools

    Jul 25, 2017

    High traffic areas in schools deserve special treatment since they are areas frequented by large numbers of children and adults. While it is true that it takes a team effort to prevent communicable diseases and infections, it is the custodial ...

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  • Infection Control in Hospitals

    Jul 11, 2017

    One of the most important aspects of hospital maintenance is preventing infection. There are many ways that hospitals work to prevent new infections and control existing ones on their grounds, but proper routine cleanings are the most important way. To ...

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  • Spraying Onto Surface vs. Spraying Onto Equipment

    Jun 28, 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.06.40 PM
    When it comes to cleaning techniques, there is a great amount of variety. What kind of cleaning technique is appropriate depends upon the amount of dirt on whatever you are cleaning, as well as the material of what you are ...

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  • Odor Control This Summer

    Jun 12, 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 11.47.45 AM
    Everybody knows that odors get worse during the summer. Odor-causing organisms tend to like damp, warm conditions like those often seen in summer. It is vital that you know how to deal with potential odors before they become a problem. ...

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  • Why Businesses Benefit from Green Cleaning Strategies

    May 30, 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 3.16.09 PM
    Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of green cleaning for commercial properties and other public agencies such as hospitals or government buildings. In-depth analysis and research have demonstrated that the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and cleaning ...

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  • How Equipment Training Can Make the Difference

    May 15, 2017

    Improper use of cleaning equipment while performing your duties on the job can lead to numerous problems and injuries. While most companies prefer to hire employees that already have a certain skill set, training, or experience, many companies fail to ...

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  • Cleaning Green for Earth Day

    Apr 22, 2017

    The interest and focus on sustainable and green practices have emerged over the years in a wide array of industries and companies. People are beginning to understand and believe in the inherent value of thinking about environmental impact through their ...

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  • Cleaning Carpet vs. Hard Floors

    Apr 10, 2017


    Whether you own carpet, hardwood, tile, or linoleum flooring, there's one thing you can count on: floors get dirty! The question is how dirty does the average floor get, and how easy is it to clean them. The answer to ...

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  • Proper Use and Application of Backpack Vacuums for Janitorial Professionals

    Mar 07, 2017

    When utilizing a backpack vacuum for professional use, experts recommend that you use a side-to-side method instead of pushing and pulling the vacuum head forwards and backward. There are several reasons for this. First, it is a more practical method ...

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  • Importance of Training

    Feb 09, 2017

    Fotolia_9566477_Subscription_Monthly_M (1)

    As they say, practice makes perfect. Using and implementing the most effective and reliable techniques for cleaning and sanitizing are the best ways to guarantee that your janitorial staff is working up to their full potential. It is crucial that ...

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  • Implementing New Green Cleaning Programs

    Feb 02, 2017

    Fotolia_44527512_Subscription_Monthly_M (1)
    As time goes on and more environmental knowledge becomes readily available, the importance of green cleaning techniques rises. Green cleaning programs are extremely important to us at Lawton Brothers. We provide green cleaning supplies and training to janitorial teams all ...

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  • Custodial Carts: The Benefits of Customization

    Jan 10, 2017

    Fotolia_99466717_S (1)
    Equipment that makes a job possible should not be overlooked. Regardless of the profession, staff members of any industry identify with the equipment they use every single day. For any custodial professional, the cart is a huge part of the ...

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  • Optimizing Restroom Cleaning

    Jan 03, 2017

    Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 8.55.02 AM

    The restroom is arguably the most important space as far as cleanliness is concerned. Efficiency and thoroughness are the keys to getting the most out of restroom cleaning. Unfortunately, there are several barriers that often become excuses for proper restroom ...

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