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Green Cleaning...

…what is it?
…I don't have the budget for more expensive products!
…how to I simply reduce the use of harmful chemicals in our facility?

Lawton Brothers takes a common sense, cost effective approach to Green Cleaning - Cleaning for Health. We define Green Cleaning as cleaning that protects health without harming the environment.

Our approach is comprehensive:

  1. We start with discussing your goals. Goals as simple as implementing basic green cleaning procedures and products or as detailed as CIMS-Green Building and USGBC LEED certifications.
  2. We conduct a facility assessment to determine areas best suited for cost effective green cleaning.
  3. Once the audit is complete we recommend sustainable products, tools and equipment. We determine the most cost effective cleaning procedures and task frequencies. And we develop an implementation plan.
  4. Lastly we train your staff and implement your customized program.

There is no real mystery to reducing harmful cleaners from your indoor environment.

Contact Lawton Brothers to schedule a Green Cleaning audit. Cleaning green should not cost more.

Choosing a supplier is a matter of trust… Put us to the test!

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