Enhancing Exhaust Fan Cleaning and Maintenance for Optimal Performance

by Lawton Brothers | Jul 03, 2023


Exhaust fans play a vital role in maintaining a comfortable environment and reducing energy consumption within your facility. However, many of us overlook the importance of cleaning and maintaining these fans during our routine cleaning activities. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep exhaust fans running efficiently and extend their lifespan. Let's delve into the details of exhaust fan cleaning and maintenance to ensure they operate in tip-top shape. 

Step 1: Remove the Cover 

To commence the cleaning process, it's crucial to turn off the circuit that supplies power to the fan. Although the risk of injury is relatively low, it's always best to prioritize safety when working with electrical components. After disconnecting the power, carefully remove the cover using a sturdy ladder or step stool. Most covers are held in place with metal tension clips that can be squeezed for easy removal, while some models may require unscrewing. Once the cover is detached, you can clean it using a solution of dish soap and warm water. 

Step 2: Eliminate Dust Buildup 

With the fan blades and motor exposed, it's time to address the accumulated dust. Using a small vacuum wand, gently suction away as much dust as possible. Next, use a dry dusting cloth to meticulously remove any remaining dust from the fan blades and other internal components. In case dust persists in hard-to-reach crevices, a can of compressed air can be used for effective removal. After completing these steps, ensure that all components, including the cover, are thoroughly dry before reassembling and restoring power.

Kitchen Exhaust Considerations 

Cleaning a kitchen exhaust fan requires additional steps due to the presence of grease, which is commonly generated during cooking. In such cases, a grease filter is installed to prevent excessive aerosolized oil from entering the air ducts. To maintain optimal performance, it's necessary to clean or replace the grease filter in addition to addressing the fan blades. 

For exhaust fans equipped with disposable filters, you can easily find replacements at your local hardware store by knowing the filter's length and width. However, for reusable filters, follow these steps: scrub the filter using hot, soapy water and a coarse brush or sponge. If stubborn grease residue persists, employing a degreaser can aid in its removal. 

Once the filter is thoroughly dried, reinstall it, and proceed with the cleaning process. Use a warm rag, soapy water, or a degreaser to clean the hood assembly and fan blades. Ensure that all surfaces are completely dry before restoring power. 

Discover the Easiest Cleaning Solutions with Lawton Brothers 

If exhaust fan cleaning seems like an overwhelming task, Lawton Brothers is here to simplify your cleaning routine. Our comprehensive range of green cleaning supplies, training seminars, and equipment rentals will streamline your maintenance activities. Contact us today at 800.432.0813 to inquire about a free cleaning audit, where we collaborate with you to enhance your current cleaning program.

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