• Top Things Businesses Forget to Clean

    Mar 23, 2021


    When running a business, there are numerous details to manage on a daily basis. Unfortunately, unless you are in retail or the restaurant business, cleanliness may not be as high a priority as other factors that influence your bottom ...

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  • Commercial Mops

    Mar 18, 2021


    Wet mops are a common staple in most businesses. Used for cleaning large messes and combatting floor stains as well as the general upkeep of your facility, selecting the right mop is an important decision. Each type of mop ...

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  • Managing Mold

    Mar 15, 2021

    It’s estimated that mold causes billions of dollars in damage to our homes and health each year. This is especially problematic in Florida, where the dew point and relative humidity are the second highest in the nation (following Hawaii and ...

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  • Effective Waste Management in the Office

    Feb 25, 2021


    Accumulating waste in the office is unavoidable. After all, a lot of paperwork, packages, and materials go into making a successful business. Understanding the types of waste you compile and how to manage them can provide you with a ...

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  • Granite: Your Go-to Guide

    Feb 22, 2021

    Granite has long been the fan-favorite for countertops and installations both indoors and out. Considering its versatility, vast color options, and ease of maintenance, it’s easy to see how this has been the predominant choice for decades. Granite is a ...

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  • The Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Carpet

    Feb 11, 2021


    When it comes time to deep clean your carpets, there are two main options: dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The primary difference is the use of chemicals vs steam to remove dirt and debris from carpet fibers. 

    Dry ...

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  • Going Green: Making the Switch to Environmentally Friendly Products

    Jan 28, 2021


    Going green and being good to the environment isn’t a new philosophy. While early “green” products didn’t offer much in the way of cleaning, natural cleaning products have come a long way and are now just as effective as, ...

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  • Why Buy? Rent Equipment for Winter Cleaning

    Jan 21, 2021


    The winter months in Florida bring a different kind of preparation than most states. While we are lucky enough to forgo the worry of salt and ice melts, we do have to deal with drastic temperature changes, sudden rain ...

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  • Winter Allergens: Defeating Dust

    Jan 12, 2021


    While many people are spending a majority of their time indoors, there is still work to be done and errands to be run. As your employees and customers enter your business, they anticipate a safe haven from the weather ...

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  • Making Grout Look New

    Dec 29, 2020


    Thanks to its versatility and easy maintenance, tile flooring is a popular choice among offices, hospitals, schools, and many public as well as private facilities. Over time, however, tiles can become a different type of focal point in your ...

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  • Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

    Dec 21, 2020


    As a business owner, keeping a clean environment has a huge impact on your employees and customers alike. Oftentimes, employees are required to help keep shared spaces clean. While this may seem like an easy out, employees may find ...

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  • Preventing Slip and Fall Injuries in the Workplace

    Dec 18, 2020

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 5,000 workers in the United States suffered fatal work injuries in 2018. With just a 2% increase since 2017, it is the highest number of fatal work injuries in the past decade. ...

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  • Ways to Reduce Illness in the Office

    Nov 30, 2020


    In a 2015 study by the CDC Foundation, over $200 billion is lost in productivity due to absenteeism annually. This is largely due to the high number of Americans who go to work while under the weather. In most ...

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  • Laminate Floor Care Basics

    Nov 19, 2020


    Laminate can be a great alternative to more expensive flooring options, such as hardwood and tile. The variability in style and price makes it an easy choice for many business owners and homeowners alike. However, without the proper upkeep, ...

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  • Cleaning the Office Kitchen

    Nov 16, 2020

    Moving into the holidays, we’re all dreaming of those delicious leftovers from time well-spent with family and friends. In the coming weeks, we will invariably bring these leftovers into the office for lunch. Of course, the office kitchen should be ...
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  • The Scariest Stains and How to Get Rid of Them

    Oct 30, 2020


    The first step someone takes into your business can set the precedent for the relationships you cultivate with your customers. After all, first impressions are everything and the last thing you want is for their first step to be ...

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  • Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

    Oct 28, 2020


    As the holiday season approaches, it is important to start preparing early on. With the influx of patrons out shopping and enjoying their free time with friends or family, now is the time to get a head start on ...

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  • 5 Commercial Cleaning Myths, Debunked.

    Oct 09, 2020


    When it comes to commercial cleaning, there are quite a few misconceptions about both cleaning methods and cleaning products. It can be confusing to navigate the commercial cleaning world without prior knowledge to assist your search for quality care. ...

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  • The Difference Between Sanitizing and Disinfecting

    Sep 28, 2020


    This year, the world was hit with a highly infectious disease, resulting in health organizations around the globe promoting cleaning practices to reduce infection rates. Since March of 2020, businesses and homes in the United States have been instructed ...

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  • How to Reduce the Spread of Covid-19

    Sep 22, 2020


    This year, the world was swept with fear and pandemic. Since the beginning of the outbreak in the United States, the CDC has been regularly monitoring the situation and making updates to policies as needed. To assist employers in ...

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