• Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

    Jul 27, 2021

    Sometimes, it’s easier to leave the cleaning to the professionals. But when it comes time to find a professional for the job, it can be a bit overwhelming. Knowing the right questions to ask beforehand can save a lot of ...

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  • Implementing an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

    Jul 22, 2021

    Consistency and correct use of materials are key in maintaining a clean and welcoming atmosphere in your facility. However, it’s quite rare for everyone to do things in the same manner. That’s why many businesses have implemented Standard Operating Procedures ...

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  • Stay Dry: Keeping Water Outside During Hurricane Season

    Jul 15, 2021


    Hurricane Season is upon us, meaning that tropical storms in the state of Florida are imminent. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over 40% of companies that experience a disaster never reopen. As this is the case, it’s ...

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  • Maintaining Carpet Tile

    Jun 28, 2021


    Carpet tile is a great option for a multitude of commercial businesses. A favorite of airports, hospitals, and even restaurants, carpet tile is durable and economical. As with any flooring, getting the most bang for your buck means proper ...

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  • Cleaning the Cleaner: Mops

    Jun 23, 2021

    The best way to eliminate mop odor, mildew, and mold growth is by preventing it. This includes 5 main components: washing the mop, allowing the mop to fully dry, properly storing the mop, and replacing it when the time comes. ...

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  • Managing Seasonal Pests

    Jun 09, 2021


    Keeping your business sanitary and successful means dealing with a multitude of pests, year-round. Pests such as roaches, mosquitos, and rats can spread disease and bacteria, putting your customers and staff at risk. Have no fear – IPM is ...

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  • Identifying and Cleaning Furniture Fibers

    Jun 07, 2021

    Every day in the office, we sit in the breakroom or at our desks and don’t really consider if the chair we’re sitting on is clean. And in most cases, we simply brush off any debris we happen upon. Over ...

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  • AC Maintenance to Prepare for Florida Summer

    May 19, 2021

    As the hottest state in the US, most air conditioning systems in Florida run year-round. Over time, the continual use of your equipment can cause wear and force it to work harder for the same initial output. With Summer on ...

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  • The Best Flooring for Your Business: Making the Right Selection

    May 13, 2021

    When it comes time to select flooring materials for your facility, both form and function need to be considered. However, function and needs can change by room, which is why we suggest making selections room-by-room. 

    Lobby and Reception

    The main ...

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  • The Benefits of Floor Wax

    Apr 30, 2021

    Regular vacuuming and sweeping are necessary to keeping your floors and business looking great. There are a number of hard flooring types, however, that could benefit from some additional cleaning – waxing, to be specific. Waxing or finishing your floor ...

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  • How to Properly Maintain and Disinfect Soap Dispensers

    Apr 26, 2021

    As cleanliness has become the top priority among businesses today, providing accommodations to properly clean one’s hands is essential. In many cases, this is effectively solved with a restroom in the facility that provides a place to wash and sanitize ...

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  • Caring for Stainless Steel

    Apr 16, 2021

    Stainless steel is a common material in households as well as commercial settings, for a wide range of uses. Its superior durability across a variety of circumstances makes it a great option for factory equipment, food processing, and even appliances. ...

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  • Top Things Businesses Forget to Clean

    Mar 23, 2021


    When running a business, there are numerous details to manage on a daily basis. Unfortunately, unless you are in retail or the restaurant business, cleanliness may not be as high a priority as other factors that influence your bottom ...

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  • Commercial Mops

    Mar 18, 2021


    Wet mops are a common staple in most businesses. Used for cleaning large messes and combatting floor stains as well as the general upkeep of your facility, selecting the right mop is an important decision. Each type of mop ...

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  • Managing Mold

    Mar 15, 2021

    It’s estimated that mold causes billions of dollars in damage to our homes and health each year. This is especially problematic in Florida, where the dew point and relative humidity are the second highest in the nation (following Hawaii and ...

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  • Effective Waste Management in the Office

    Feb 25, 2021


    Accumulating waste in the office is unavoidable. After all, a lot of paperwork, packages, and materials go into making a successful business. Understanding the types of waste you compile and how to manage them can provide you with a ...

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  • Granite: Your Go-to Guide

    Feb 22, 2021

    Granite has long been the fan-favorite for countertops and installations both indoors and out. Considering its versatility, vast color options, and ease of maintenance, it’s easy to see how this has been the predominant choice for decades. Granite is a ...

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  • The Difference Between Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Carpet

    Feb 11, 2021


    When it comes time to deep clean your carpets, there are two main options: dry cleaning and steam cleaning. The primary difference is the use of chemicals vs steam to remove dirt and debris from carpet fibers. 

    Dry ...

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  • Going Green: Making the Switch to Environmentally Friendly Products

    Jan 28, 2021


    Going green and being good to the environment isn’t a new philosophy. While early “green” products didn’t offer much in the way of cleaning, natural cleaning products have come a long way and are now just as effective as, ...

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  • Why Buy? Rent Equipment for Winter Cleaning

    Jan 21, 2021


    The winter months in Florida bring a different kind of preparation than most states. While we are lucky enough to forgo the worry of salt and ice melts, we do have to deal with drastic temperature changes, sudden rain ...

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