7 Overlooked Places Where Germs Hide in Your Office

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 14, 2023

The typical office worker comes into contact with at least 10 million bacteria every day. With cold and flu season fast approaching, it’s important to take stock of the places in your office that are potentially harboring some nasty bacteria. It’s easy to dismiss cleaning every single surface or to overlook common touch points throughout your cleaning routine. That’s why we’ve curated a list of places that could be harboring germs so you can keep your business running smoothly this flu season. 

  1. Printers and Photocopiers

            These devices have multiple buttons and drawers that are being handled by various employees throughout the workday. Display boards, buttons, and handles should be wiped down daily.

  2. Coffee Maker

            If you have an office full of coffee-lovers, this might be one of the most important items on the list. At least once per day, wipe down the handles and buttons on the machine (as well as the sink faucet and handles, while you’re at it). If the coffee maker is used continuously throughout the day, institute multiple cleanings throughout the day to keep up with the amount of contact.

  3. Kitchen Refrigerator

            Naturally, any place with food is bound to attract lots of action. The handles (as well as any buttons or displays) should be wiped down daily, and the interior of the fridge should be wiped down biweekly.

  4. Stairways/Handrails

            Many people, including most visitors and delivery people, will make use of stairways and handrails. Not only can these places attract dust and debris, but the oils from hands can build up and leave behind grime. It’s important to sanitize handrails and access points frequently, since it is often a first point of contact after entering the business.

  5. Windowsills and Blinds

            It’s natural for many people to open blinds at the start of the workday and close them at the end of the workday. That being said, it isn’t natural for blinds and windowsills to be cleaned every day. Consider cleaning the wand and drawstring at least once a week to reduce the number of germs making rounds through the office.

  6. Conference Rooms

            These areas see a lot of people throughout the day, coming into contact with numerous surfaces that can spread germs. Chairs, tables, phones, keyboards, remote controls, and even the light switch can garner thousands of bacteria. It is best practice to clean these surfaces after every meeting or usage of the conference rooms.

  7. Door Handles, Keypads, Light Switches

            All door handles, including those with keypads or scanners get as much traffic and contact as the bathroom does. Some handles receive more traffic than others (like entrances to the building), so keep this in mind when considering the frequency of cleaning. However, at the very least, all door handles and light switches should be cleaned daily. 

    Tell Germs Goodbye

    With an updated cleaning regimen, you can kick germs to the curb. So why wait? Call Lawton Brothers today and let’s discuss your current routine and how you can improve it before the start of flu season. We offer green cleaning supplies, training seminars, and even equipment rentals. Give us a call: 800.432.0813

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