Bright Idea: Upgrading and Replacing Light Bulbs

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 11, 2022

In this day and age, when it comes time to upgrade the lighting in your commercial space, chances are you’re getting rid of fluorescent bulbs. While fluorescent lighting is fairly efficient, there are several reasons why you would want to upgrade to LED. Fluorescent lights can cause waste disposal issues due to their reliance on mercury and can also create problems retrofitting thanks to their shape. Additionally, LEDs can emit a brighter light on a lower wattage and are also directional, meaning you can direct the light to a smaller area and conserve light and energy. No matter the reason, a lighting retrofit can significantly impact your facility and staff. 

High-Burn Areas

Firstly, you should make note of the places where lights aren’t turned on or off for many hours at a time, like garages, stairwells, and closets. This will help offset the upfront costs of an LED upgrade. Then gradually move to areas that are occupied on a daily basis. Pay close attention to the type of light bulb that is in each socket – incandescent are the least energy efficient, followed by halogen, fluorescent, HID, and LED at the top as the most energy-efficient light choice. Switching out your least efficient bulbs can make a huge impact on your energy cost and savings.

Once you’ve upgraded your high-burn areas, it’s time to move on to those hard-to-reach and difficult areas. High ceilings and areas where you have to pause work or move furniture/equipment to get to are the primary concerns. Making sure those entering, leaving, and working are safe throughout the swap is vital, so you may have to wait until specific hours to upgrade these lights.

Lighting Controls

Another way to increase your energy savings is by installing light controls. Particularly, adding motion sensing lights or a remote control can save up to 55% more energy, especially when a wireless system is installed. 

Let Us Shed Some Light on Your Business

The energy savings from switching to LED light bulbs can make a significant difference for your business’ budget. Let us help answer your questions and guide you on the best options for your facility. Give us a call today for a free audit, and see why we have over 67 years of experience in Central Florida: 800.432.0813.

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