The Best Way to Clean Marble Floors

by Lawton Brothers | Jan 09, 2023

All businesses know the importance of a well-kept facility. The floors in your building can either accentuate the space or greatly diminish it, and very few flooring materials can match the beauty and luxurious look of marble. As an incredibly durable natural stone, even antique marble floors can look brand new with proper maintenance or restoration. Even in cases where full restoration is needed, the cost of a restoration is usually less expensive than removing and replacing the marble flooring. 


A restoration typically begins with grinding or honing to level out the marble. Grinding is useful for deep stains, chips, or scratches and will make the floor surface even. Whereas honing works on level floors with mild surface damage. In a professional restoration, honing is done with industrial diamonds for a smooth finish, followed by smaller-grade diamonds to polish the floor and enhance the shine and vibrancy of the stone. 


After the restoration is complete, it is necessary to prevent new damage. In some cases, restoration can include crystallization – a final polish using chemicals (mainly calcium fluorosilicate) to bond with the stone and protect the finish. However, it is perfectly acceptable to leave the marble as is or apply a sealant. 

To prevent damage, use furniture pads on the feet of chairs and tables or place all furnishings on carpets or mats. Avoid using ammonia or vinegar on the floor and steer clear of acid-based cleaners and sharp tools that can scratch the flooring. 


Clean the floor daily with a soft-bristled broom or dust mop – soft materials to pick up sand or small debris that could scratch the surface. To help prevent dirt from being tracked, consider placing mats at entry doors. Naturally, you will want to clean up any spilled liquids as soon as possible. If you do end up with a stain, use warm water and a damp mop or towel. Make sure there isn’t an excess of water on the surface, as this can seep into the stone and cause discoloration. In the same vein, avoid using various aerosols or sprays as they can leave a buildup on the floor and dull the shine or even damage the protectant of your flooring. 

Deep cleaning will be necessary at least once every other month. How often you will need to deep clean all depends on how much traffic the floor receives, the age and type of marble, and how well the flooring is maintained on a daily basis. When it comes to marble flooring, deep cleaning is best left to professionals as it is highly sensitive to acids. 

Looking Marble-ous

With routine care of your marble flooring, you can keep your facility inviting for customers, guests, and staff alike. Our team at Lawton Brothers is dedicated to helping you find the best products and practices for your business. With over 75 years of experience in the janitorial industry, we know a thing or two about clean. Give us a call today at: 800.432.0813.

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