cits_cleaning_staff_250pxCertified Education for Cleaning Professionals

The Pro-Link and Hillyard courses offered below are all ISSA Cleaning Management Institute (C.M.I.) Verified educational programs, taught by ISSA CMI Certified Professional Trainer (C.P.T.).

Upon successfully completing each course you will receive a CMI Training Certificate.


Customer Service*

Teaches the basics of customer service tailored to cleaning staffs. Topics covered include: How to look and act like a professional, interacting with building occupants, understanding and meeting customer needs, and properly addressing customer complaints.

General Cleaning*

How to safely and effectively complete the most common cleaning tasks, including: Disinfecting, odor prevention and elimination, sweeping and mopping, dusting, emptying trash, vacuuming, and how to clean specific surface types such as glass & stainless steel.

General Safety & Hazard Communications Training with HCS 2012 (GHS)*

How to perform custodial jobs safely and help keep others in the facility safe. The topics covered include: Properly handling and diluting cleaning chemicals, fire prevention, safely working with powered equipment, safe step ladder use, preventing slips and falls and personal protection equipment. Understanding chemical labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Restroom Care*

An easy step-by-step process for cleaning, disinfecting and maintaining restrooms. 

Floor Care*

Step-by-Step process to keep hard floors looking their best while lessening the frequency of stripping the floors. The topics covered include: Proper use of matting, daily floor maintenance, spray buffing & burnishing, top scrubbing, stripping finish and applying finish.

Carpet Care*

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning and extending the life of carpets. The topics covered include: Vacuuming, spotting, interim cleaning with a cylindrical brush machine, restorative cleaning with a carpet extractor.


The Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) program is designed to increase professionalism and demonstrate a commitment to effective training. Specifically, the program is focused on training and certifying frontline cleaning professionals, verifying training programs and training facilities to a set industry standard, and improving the skills of industry trainers.

How It Works

Every student who wishes to become CMI certified must first past a pre-requisite exam called Cleaning 101. This exam covers the basic necessities for what it takes to work as a frontline cleaning professional. If you wish to get CMI certified you may complete the 101 exam while taking one of the above courses. 

After passing Cleaning 101, your staff can participate in any of the above advanced specialty training programs, all of which have been verified by ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association. Each verified program meets a rigorous standard covering everything your employees need to know for that category. It is also possible to receive a CMI Master’s designation. To receive a Master’s, cleaning service professionals need to pass an exam and receive certification in seven specific categories, noted above with an asterisk (*).

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