Hillyard Arsenal® Assurance® HD Spray & Wipe Cleaner

Highly concentrated, multipurpose cleaner removes a wide variety of dirt, grime and grease. Use for cleaning any hard surface not damaged by water. Do not use on glass. Can be applied with a mop, sponge, brush, foam gun, or pressure washer. Ideal for use in automatic scrubbers at an economical dilution rate of one ounce per gallon of water. Phosphate free. Contains no soap, free alkali, or ammonia.


Hillyard Arsenal® Assurance® - 1/2 Gal.

1/2 Gal., 6/cs
Manufacturers Item #HIL0080122

Hillyard Arsenal® Assurance® - Gal.

Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #HIL0080106