Advance Advolution™ 20B & 20BT Battery Burnishers

The Advolution walk-behind battery burnisher delivers consistent and even polishing with a self-regulating pad pressure and a floating, flexible pad driver. This eliminates the need for operators to make adjustments to the pad pressure. The Advolution 20B is a pad assist model, while the 20BT model has powered traction drive. Green: An innovative felt-sealed system captures all dust and provides the best dust collection of any burnisher.


Advance Advolution™ 20B Battery Burnish-195AH,Pad Assist

20", Pad Assist, 195AH, ea
Manufacturers Item #01595A

Advance Advolution™ 20BT Battery-195AH,Traction,Dust

20", Traction, 200AH, Dust Control, ea
Manufacturers Item #01584A