Pack: 4/CS

Lawton Brothers Starburst™ Cleaner Degreaser - Gal.

Item # 82348

A supercharged, top of the line, heavy-duty industrial non-butyl cleaner degreaser concentrate. It will break up, emulsify and disperse that most stubborn soil, thereby allowing for its easy removal from your cleaning surface. Since Starburst is a maximum strength formulation, it is important to select the proper dilutions for each of your cleaning jobs. While being a highly aggressive cleaning product, it is pleasant to use. It does not contain harsh smelling, harmful solvents or hazardous environmental pollutants. An excellent choice for removing asphalt stains tracked in from parking lots, lifting rubber tire marks, grease, oil, tar and grime from warehouse floors, concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tile and grout, and for cleaning heavy equipment, conveyors, brick walls, machine parts, greasy kitchen floors, stainless or chrome range hoods and much more.

Gal., 4/cs
Manufacturers Item #1451
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