Malish Clean-Grit™ Grit Rotary Brush - 15"

Item # 211035

  • An excellent general scrubbing brush for frequent maintenance cleaning. Flexible enough for cleaning narrow grout lines & uneven surfaces. Grit Size: 180
  • Trim Length: 1 1/2"; Plastic Block
  • Bristle Color: Blue; Bristle Diameter: .035
  • Pad Replacement: Blue
15", ea
Manufacturers Item #816515
  • Description

Silicone carbide impregnated in nylon bristles is self-replenishing as brush wears, offering unmatched value that outlast floor pad over 100 to one. That translates directly into time and cost savings. Featuring our water and chemical resistant Tuff-Block[R] to insure that the block last as long as the bristles for maximum life expectancy. Must be run in a wet environment.

Trim Length: 1 1/2"; Plastic Block.