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Lawton Brothers Dry Foam Plus™ Carpet Shampoo - Gal.

Scientifically formulated to overcome heavy soiling problems found in commercial and institutional facilities in the carpet care maintenance process. Used in dry foam and rotary shampooing equipment it provides excellent cleaning efficiency by quickly emulsifying dirt and soil and through capillary action, lifts soil to the surface for easy removal. Contains a moisture odor inhibitor and leaves no oily, soapy or waxy residues to re-soil and is safe on stain resistant carpets.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #2501
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Lawton Brothers Royal Shampoo™ Dry Foam Shampoo - Gal.

A highly effective, specialized carpet and upholstery dry foam shampoo and spot cleaner. It is formulated for use on Haitian cotton, wool and many types of synthetic fibers. A special blend of surfactants for sensitive natural fiber carpet and upholstery. Contains deodorizers to eliminate and prevent stale and musty odors and anti-browning agents to remove and prevent browning commonly associated in natural fiber carpet and upholstery cleaning.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #2551
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Host® SJ Dry Carpet Cleaner - 2.2 lb.

Formulated for special jobs such as asphalt parking lot trackoff or for use on solution dyed nylon, polypropylene, white or off-white wool berber. Use on light colored carpet as well. WoolSafe approved. Green Seal™ certified.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #C1438
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