Advance SW900™ Walk-Behind Sweeper - 41", 180 AH

This battery walk-behind sweeper is for both indoor and outdoor. All controls can be accessed from the operator's position. Comfortable to maneuver with ergonomic handlebar. Propulsion control bar provides single hand operation. Simple controls and security using key switch. Single hand hopper removal and transfer. Tools-free service of all routine maintenance items. Fast and effective sweeping with direct throw design. Independent side broom controls on handle. Simple, standard manual filter shaker. Direct throw with dual side brooms. Main Motor: 0.9 hp; Manual shaker.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56383329
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Advance Terra® 28B Walk-Behind Sweeper

Superior pickup on hard and soft floors. Side broom eliminates the need for edge cleaning after sweeping. Compact and easy to maneuver. Main broom/traction motor: 0.3 hp. Side broom motor: 0.05 hp. Vacuum fan: 0.07 hp.  ea
Manufacturers Item #9084702010
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Advance Terra® 4300B Compact Rider Sweeper - 43", 305AH

Offers increased productivity over walk-behind sweepers with its great maneuverability combined with a 43" sweep path that can cover up to 48,840 square feet/hour. Can sweep both sides of a 48" aisle or hallway, and is designed for use both indoors and out, on hard floors, low-nap carpet and sidewalks. The sweeper's tight 51.5" turning radius allows it to easily maneuver in narrow, congested areas, making it the ideal sweeper for departmental cleaning. Rugged and robust to meet the demands of today's tough industrial cleaning applications. Constructed of polyethylene with a steel frame. Tools-free removable brooms and filter for ease of use and minimal downtime. Sweep path: 43". Drive Motor: 0.8 hp.  ea
Manufacturers Item #56100785
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