Dusting Cloths


Chicopee® Masslinn® Heavy Duty Dust Cloth - 14.4 x 24

Delivering maximum dust and dirt pickup. Masslinn Cloths are made of viscose fibers and pre-impregnated with mineral oil. Low lint. Soft so it delicately cleans surfaces. Strong, powerful and longer lasting for cost efficient cleaning. Durable so it handles the toughest tasks. Does not leave dust or fibers on wiped surfaces. Yellow color.  8/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #0213
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HOSPECO® TASKBrand® Mineral Oil Treated Duster - Yellow

Treated cloth becomes a dust magnet and traps dust. Leaves surfaces dust-free without the trouble and cost of sprays. Eliminates waxy buildup.  10/50/cs
Manufacturers Item #DU-N1004
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