Urinal Blocks & Screens


Big D® Extra Duty Urinal Screen w/Para Block-3 oz., Cherry

Screen protects urinal from debris while para block provides total deodorization. Flushes will not affect the life of the block. Individually wrapped.  12/cs
Manufacturers Item #930
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Big D® Para Urinal Toss Block - 4 oz., Cherry

All para blocks are air-soluble; performance not affected by water. Made of 100% pure paradichlorobenzene and Big D deodorants. Toss in urinal, trash receptacle or anywhere deodorizing is needed. Individually wrapped.  12/12/cs
Manufacturers Item #900
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Big D® D Clip Rim Hangers

Remarkable toilet rim hanger manufactured from organic deodorizing compounds that are much stronger than traditional rim hangers. Specially designed to fit any toilet bowl. VOC compliant in all 50 states. Requires no batteries or electricity to operate. Keeps area fresh smelling and deodorized for 30-45 days. Note: this product is designed to be installed with the body of the rim hanger on the outside of the toilet.
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Big D® The Pearl 3D Urinal Screens

Two-sided anti-splash texture, preventing splash back and cross-contamination of urine to other areas outside the restroom. Extremely flexible to allow proper fit to any urinal contour. Translucent design allows viewing of the drain to ensure it remains free flowing.
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