Your Janitorial Supplies Company Wants to Keep Your Workplace Safe

by Lawton Brothers | Dec 01, 2014
Janitorial supplies company
As your janitorial supplies company we’re not only concerned with the safety of our employees but with the safety of your employees as well. While a safe workplace is great in theory, achieving one takes a great deal of commitment on multiple levels. According to a recent article by Cleaning & Maintenance Management there are three requirements necessary in order to provide a safe work environment.  

• Management staff commitment. Your employees rely on your management team to offer a safety strategy and to lead by example. As a manager you have the ability to prevent injury and illness while reducing costs. 
• Compliance with OSHA and develop, implement and maintain a written hazard communication program in effect. The program should outline how hazards will be communicated to employees. For example, all chemical containers need to be labeled adequately, employees need access to Safety Data Sheets, and employees need to be trained on safe chemical handling. A thorough risk assessment should be completed to identify and decrease risks.  
• Employee involvement. Employees need to follow the plan each and every day. It’s up to managers to make employees feel included so that they will speak up when something is amiss. 

At Lawton Brothers we are proud to serve as your janitorial supplies company with locations throughout Central Florida, with locations in Orlando, Clearwater, Ocala and Melbourne. If you’re interested in how our staff can help your staff achieve a safer workplace, contact our team today. 
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