Your Exterior Cleaning Plan

by Lawton Brothers | Dec 15, 2022


It’s vital to create an exterior cleaning plan that not only improves the look of your business, but also works to protect the entire facility from harmful conditions, such as pests, water infiltration, and mold. While many facility managers may be tempted to apply a fresh coat of paint, trim the hedges, and call it a day, there are five key items to include in your ideal exterior maintenance plan that are essential to the longevity of your building. 


Placing focus on the roof of buildings is crucial as structural components are often closely related. If the roofing isn’t sealed properly, leaks and other problems can cause damage to windows, doors, and other areas. A commercial building with a flat roof may be prone to water buildup and pooling, and oftentimes potential damage cannot be seen without a thorough inspection. Be sure to visually inspect the roof after rainfall and monitor the building’s drainage system to keep gutters clear of debris. 

Lawn and Landscaping

Of course, there is standard landscaping maintenance, but it is also important to consider the landscape in terms of potential damage during storms. Identify areas that are prone to flooding and trees that could damage the building or entryways, as Florida hurricanes can easily fall trees that aren’t well rooted or are rotting. 


In addition to regular window washing, an inspection of the framework on the interior and exterior of all windows and doors can make a drastic difference. Periodically check the caulking around the window frame and seal any gaps to prevent drafts, water, and insects from making their way inside. 

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance should be done with every landscaping update (i.e. every time the hedges are trimmed). This includes clearing gutters and pathways, weeding, trimming, and watering, and general upkeep of the looks of the facility. 

On a quarterly basis, you should initiate more thorough inspections of all caulking, irrigation systems (to prevent blockages, erosion, and structural damage), emergency exit signs, and damage to pathways as well as entries and exits. 

Clean AND Maintained

With routine care and simple preparations, you can keep your facility looking good for years to come. If you don’t already have an exterior cleaning and maintenance plan, let Lawton Brothers help! With over 75 years of experience in the janitorial industry, we know a thing or two about clean. Give us a call today at: 800.432.0813.

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