What You Need to Know About Green Cleaning Equipment: Part I

by Lawton Brothers | Mar 02, 2015

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 At Lawton Brothers we proudly serve as your janitorial equipment supplier in Central Florida. Did you know that we offer a comprehensive green cleaning program to better your facility’s cleaning process and sustainability? At Lawton Brothers our team will assess your facility needs and work side-by-side with your team to implement the necessary changes to improve overall sustainability. When assessing your current green cleaning status, your cleaning equipment should be a point of focus. Services Magazine recently discussed a few things to look for when upgrading your facility’s green cleaning equipment, which we’d like to share with you here:

  • Vacuums. If you’re looking for green vacuums, look for machines certified by the Carpet and Rug’s Institute (CRI) Green Label program. CRI certified vacuums will remove a certain amount of soil from carpets within four passes, will not release over 100 micrograms of dust per cubic meter of air, and will not deteriorate the carpet’s appearance with frequent use. By using HEPA vacuum filters you can remove 99.9% of airborne particles. Backpack vacuums are also becoming popular green cleaning equipment.
  • Carpet Extractors. Carpet extractors certified by the CRI’s Seal of Approval program have proven their effectiveness in soil removal, water removal, and carpet texture retention. While removing debris from within the carpet is important, extractors should also allow the carpet to dry quickly to prevent mold. Select an extractor that utilizes low-moisture or dry powder instead of water. According to the CRI, the right extractor will allow the carpet to dry completely within 24 to 48 hours of cleaning.

 As your janitorial equipment supplier we hope that you find these tips helpful in achieving a greener cleaning process for your facility. Please check back soon for part two of what you need to know about green cleaning equipment. 

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