What Would More Absorbent Towels Do for Your Facility?

by Lawton Brothers | Jan 26, 2015
Janitorial supplies, paper towels
Do you know what kind of paper towels you’re ordering and are in your facility’s restrooms? As your resource for janitorial supplies and paper goods, we strive to help facilities and their janitorial staffs improve their value per dollar when it comes to paper products.  

At Lawton Brothers we take pride in providing facilities with quality, affordable paper products. Recently, a CleanLink article focused on the possible profitability of shifting from cheap, poor quality paper towels to more costly, higher quality paper towels. Several industry leaders discuss how an increase in absorbency has the potential to decrease the need for several towels, and can decrease overall usage. Different facilities have different needs, therefore you should speak with your resource for janitorial supplies in order to determine the right paper products for your specific facility. 

If you’re interested in upgrading your paper products and improving your efficiency, then contact your resource for janitorial supplies today. We look forward to helping you reduce waste and of course decrease cost.  
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