What it Means to Be Green Seal Certified

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 23, 2014
Lawton Brothers

At Lawton Brothers we understand the impact that cleanliness can have on human health. That’s why we are proud to have met the criteria for Green Seal certification. 

Green Seal is an independent non-profit third party, with the goal of helping other companies offer environmentally responsible products or services. Green Seal utilizes science-based programs to enable companies, purchasers, and consumers to build a more sustainable Earth. By reaching Green Seal standards Lawton Brothers is able to improve the environment by reducing toxins and waste and conserve natural resources while increasing the overall health of customers. Lawton Brothers believes that improving the cleanliness of your facility will have a positive impact on the health of your customers and your staff. 

As your resource for cleaning solutions in Central Florida, we are proud to be Green Seal certified. If you’re interested in improving your facility’s cleaning standards in order to promote better health, well-being, and planet sustainability contact Lawton Brothers

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