Tork® Products: Eco-Verified Paper Products That Are Biodegradable

by Lawton Brothers | Jan 30, 2020

Before making decisions on buying new equipment or changing who you source your healthcare facility’s food from, you make sure to have a certified individual’s opinion on both matters. So, why shouldn’t you go to someone you trust for your paper products? 

At Lawton Brothers, we feel that paper products are equally important as other aspects of your business, such as the machinery you buy and the food you serve. That’s why we offer Tork® paper products. 

Continue reading to learn more about why we believe so much in Tork® products.


Tork® is one of the leading sustainable workplace hygiene companies in the world. Tork® offers various products ranging from paper towels, wipes and cloths to napkins, and is certified by EcoLogo®, Green Seal™ and Biodegradable Products Institute™ (BPI).

 The EcoLogo® verification is a voluntary but rigorous certification process. This certification process indicates that a product or multiple products have undergone testing and auditing to prove it is compliant with environmental standards categories such as materials, energy, product performance and more. Through this verification, and Tork®’s mission of environmental stewardship, its products have a reduced impact on the environment. 

Green Seal is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting the manufacturing, purchase and use of environmentally responsible products. Its certification focuses on products like bathroom tissue, paper towels and napkins, and places importance on lifecycle issues regarding paper products. From manufacturing to use, Green Seal™ wants to ensure that companies think about the environmental impact its product(s) will have. 

In 2011, Tork® announced that their Universal and Advanced Tork® napkins were certified compostable by BPI™. This means that the napkins can be easily disposed of in a composting facility throughout North America and will quickly biodegrade, benefiting any company whose intent is to decrease its carbon footprint. 


At Lawton Brothers, we understand that looking through catalogs for paper products or even hand hygiene products isn’t the most exciting task. That’s why we have compiled an exhaustive list of Tork® products that we carry, which are EcoLogo® verified, EPA compliant, compostable verified by BPI™ or Green Seal™ certified.  

●        C-Fold Towels

○        Tork® Advanced C-Fold Hand Towel - 10.1" x 12.8", White

○        Tork® Advanced C-Fold Hand Towel - 3.7" x 10.1", White

○        Tork® Advanced DoorMate Folded Towel - 4.25" x 8.5"

●        Multi-Fold Towels

○        Tork® Advanced Xpress® Multifold Hand Towel

○        Tork® Advanced Xpressnap® Café Dispenser Napkin - White

○        Tork® Advanced Xpressnap® Dispenser Napkin - White

○        Tork® Universal Quality Multifold Hand Towel - Natural

●        Centerfeed Towels

○        Tork® Advanced Soft Center feed Hand Towel - 9" x 11.8"

●        Singlefold Towels

○        Tork® Universal Quality Singlefold Hand Towel - Natural

○        Tork® Universal Quality Singlefold Hand Towel - White

●        High-Capacity Bath Tissue

○        Tork® Advanced High Capacity Bath Tissue Roll -3.9" x 3.8"

○        Tork® Advance High Capacity Coreless Bath Tissue Roll

○        Tork® Universal Quality High Capacity Tissue w/OptiCore®

●        Conventional Bath Tissues

○        Tork® Advanced 2 Ply Mini Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue

○        Tork® Advanced 2 Ply Roll Bath Tissue - White

○        Tork® Universal Quality 2 Ply Roll Bath Tissue - White

○        Tork® Universal Quality 2-Ply Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue-1000'

●        Perforated Roll Towels

○        Tork® Perforated 2-Ply Roll Towel - 84 ct.

○        Tork® Perforated Roll Towel - 11" X 9", White

●        Soap

○        Tork® Premium Extra Mild Foam Soap - 1 L

●        Sanitizer

○        Tork® Premium Alcohol Foam Hand Sanitizer - 950 mL

●        Dispenser Napkins

○        Tork® Universal Quality Tallfold Dispenser Napkin - White

○        Tork® Universal Xpressnap® Dispenser Napkin

●        Other Products

○        Tork® Advanced Matic® Hand Towel Roll - 7.7" x 700'

●        Tork® Universal Quality Hand Towel Roll - 7.9" x 350'

●        Tork® Universal Quality Hand Towel Roll - 7.9" x 800'

●        Tork® Universal Quality Hand Towel Roll -7.9" x 350'

●        Tork® Universal Quality Matic® Hand Towel Roll


You wouldn’t trust just anyone to look at a piece of equipment, and you wouldn’t buy food products any from old store. We get it. But, currently, you’re leaving your paper product selection up in the air.

Find a paper product that is up to environmental certification standards without breaking the bank. At Lawton Brothers, we are dedicated to helping you so that you can focus on what matters most. Give our representative a call to discuss your paper product needs.

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