Top Things Businesses Forget to Clean

by Lawton Brothers | Mar 23, 2021


When running a business, there are numerous details to manage on a daily basis. Unfortunately, unless you are in retail or the restaurant business, cleanliness may not be as high a priority as other factors that influence your bottom line. Due to this, there are spaces that are often forgotten about and neglected.

For this year’s spring cleaning, make sure you double-check these 10 commonly missed spots! 

  1. Vents, Fans, Ducts

    Central air is essential to any workplace. However, these systems allow for inaccessible areas that are hard to clean. Over time, vents and ducts will collect grime and dust that is then circulated throughout the entire facility. It is especially important to monitor these during high usage (constant cooling in the summer or constant heating in the winter).

    To reduce the buildup of dust and other potentially harmful agents, keep your AC in the ‘auto’ position and damp dust accessible areas weekly. Replace HVAC filters 1-2 times per year and have your vents professionally cleaned every few years.

  2. Baseboards, Crown Molding, Backsplash

    These seemingly small accents can have a big impact on the way your space looks and feels. While crown molding simply needs occasional dusting, your backsplash and baseboards might require more work. As items that tend to get looked over, backsplashes and baseboards tend to go uncleaned for months (or even years) at a time. Spills, stumbles, and time all increase the difficulty of cleaning and can completely alter the welcoming atmosphere of your business.

    Once a month, wipe down these surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner and touch up any places that are discolored.

  3. Printers, Copy Machines

    When is the last time you cleaned your office machinery? For most of us, the answer is never. And while the cleanliness of these items isn’t going to infect your employees, the buildup of dust and dirt can clog vents and fans, causing the machine to work less efficiently or break down.

    Most businesses can get by with a semi-annual cleaning, but those with high usage of printers and copy machines should increase the cleanings to four times per year.

  4. Light Fixtures

    Typically, we use light to help determine the cleanliness of a space but often forget that the lights should also be cleaned. Over time, these hard-to-reach fixtures accumulate dust that can trigger allergies as well as dull the brightness of your light.

    Since dust is a constant, it’s best to clean these fixtures every two to three months. Be careful when cleaning lights that have been on for long periods of time and be sure to turn them off when cleaning to avoid discomfort or pain.

  5. Walls, Ceiling Tiles

    Most of us wouldn’t consider the walls and ceiling as a problem area to be cleaned – and for the most part, this isn’t an issue. However, the collection of dust can occur on vertical surfaces as well as ones that are upside-down. Additionally, as people bump into walls or lean against them, grime and dirt build-up over time. Don’t let discolored walls and ceilings steal the show – clean these areas once every quarter or twice a year, as necessary.

  6. Switch Plates, Doorknobs

    Many diseases spread through surface contact, so one infected person could potentially infect an entire office. Once you consider how many hands touch the light switches and doorknobs in your facility, it’s apparent that this is one of the main routes of infection.

    These spots should be sanitized or wiped down on a daily basis, with a minimum of two cleanings per week to reduce the amount of germs that are being transmitted.

  7. Plants

    Whether real or fake, plants require cleaning just as much as other items in your office space. Between pest infestations and dust, these once beautiful additions to your facility can become harbors of grime.

    Clean the outsides of planters and wipe down leaves once a month. Be sure not to overwater plants as moist soil can be a breeding ground for gnats and other pests. Consider using a pest control substance on plants that show continual pest problems.

  8. Trash Cans

    As the place where we dispose of our unwanted items, trash cans can be some of the dirtiest places in your facility. Nonexistent cleaning practices for trash cans coupled with the potential for leaks and bacteria growth make a strong case for a change.

    Wipe down the outside, lid, and lip of your cans on a weekly basis, with a full clean (including the inside and bottom of the can) monthly.

  9. Upholstery, Furniture

    Our office chairs and couches are great places for socialization and work, as well as unwanted scents and bacteria. As a fabric item, these ‘surfaces’ are difficult to clean and often not considered by cleaning crews as a priority. However, as something we sit on, share, and use every day, these items are bound to accumulate sweat, crumbs, fibers, spills, and smells.

    Make sure to vacuum fabric surfaces, including underneath of cushions and large pieces of furniture that go unmoved for long periods of time. Consider steam cleaning your office furniture and upholstery on an annual basis to keep these integral pieces looking and feeling great.

  10. Windows, Mirrors, Displays

    Windows and mirrors can brighten and enlarge a space by reflecting light and adding dimension. However, they can have the opposite effect when they become dingey and dirty. To avoid the impression of grime, wipe off mirrors, displays, and windows once a week. On a monthly basis, use a streak-free cleaning solution, a microfiber cloth, and an “S” pattern to remove any debris. 

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