Tips to Protect Your Business from Water Damage

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 18, 2022


Water damage can do more harm than almost anything else, especially when left untreated. Unfortunately, water damage is a year-round concern as it can come from burst pipes, sewer line backups, roof leaks, water heater breakdowns, and flooding from storms and hurricanes. If not taken care of properly, even a small amount of water damage can lead to mold, rotting, and structural problems. While these scenarios are often not something you can prepare for, there are some ways to be proactive to protect your business from water damage. 

Examine Your Facility

Check the conditions of open areas around windows and doors, where there are cracks or potential spaces exposed to the elements. If you see any gaps, reseal them with waterproof caulking. Additionally, keep a close eye on your water bill – if there is a significant increase that wasn’t expected, you might have a leaking pipe or fixture. Inspect your building for damp areas and growth of mold or mildew. At the first sign of a leak or corroded pipe, you should fix it immediately to avoid future damage and increased costs. 

Additionally, inspect your roof regularly and clean your gutters frequently to prevent water buildup. Look for areas outside the building that are susceptible to water buildup (standing puddles of water or very saturated ground) and consider adding drains or hiring a professional to reroute any excess water. 

Install a Water Sensor

This is one of the best ways to prevent large-scale water damage. Water sensors are available at almost any home improvement store and can be installed very easily. Once installed, you’ll receive immediate notifications if water is detected. Most of these sensors can connect to your smartphone or your security system, for added peace of mind. 

Purchase Sandbags

When it comes time for inclement weather, you can use sandbags to divert water from your building. Especially if you’re located in an area prone to tropical storms and heavy rains, it can be a good idea to keep a few sandbags laying around in case of emergency. 

Install a Sump Pump

A sump pump is a method of draining water from inside a building to the outside. These can also be operated by a battery-powered system in case of a power outage and can help divert excess water in the event you cannot stop or prevent flooding. 

Prevent Freezing Pipes

While this isn’t a common problem in Florida, every so often a freeze warning goes into effect that can also cause water damage. When a pipe is full of water and the water freezes, it expands, bursting the pipe. An easy way to prevent this is by turning off the main water supply and emptying the outside pipes during a freeze warning. 

Stay Safe

Taking precautions can help prevent thousands of dollars in damage, not just during hurricane season, but year-round. If you have any questions, Lawton Brothers is here! Our certified, trained professionals are ready to provide answers and recommendations for all of your cleaning needs. Give us a call today for a free cleaning audit at: 800.432.0813.

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