Tips on Properly Laundering Microfiber

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 08, 2015

close up of microfiber rags

Microfiber, just like your other equipment, works best and lasts longest when it’s properly maintained. We’ve touted the
benefits of microfiber before and if you’re laundering it with the wrong chemicals or wash cycle, you are not receiving the maximum benfet out of your investment. Here are some tips to properly launder your microfiber materials:

  • Remove as much dirt and soil from the microfiber as possible before laundering begins. Some washing machines have settings specifically for microfiber and have a special spin cycle that does this for you. In other washer use the flush cycle.
  • Microfiber should be washed in temperatures at least 140 degrees and not exceed 180 degrees.
  • Microfiber should be washed with like material. Any textile that produces excess lint will be caught in the microfiber. Do not wash with cottons.
  • Do not wash microfiber on a full load. The material is extremely absorbent and a full load will overload your washer. As such, a too-small load will not create enough agitation to properly clean the material.
  • Read the label of your microfiber products to determine the best detergent to launder with. Bleach is a common go-to for cleaning cloths, but bleach will reduce the effectiveness and life of microfiber. The one thing experts can agree on is that fabric softener should never be used on microfibers.
  • Dry microfiber between 130-140 degrees and take them immediately out of the dryer. 

As your trusted janitorial supply company, we care about the longevity of the products you purchase. If you have any questions about how to prolong the life of any of your equipment, please give us a call today. 

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