Tips for Janitorial Staffs Sanitizing Against Ebola in Restrooms

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 26, 2014

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 As your resource for janitorial supplies and equipment in Central Florida, we are taking the threat of the Ebola virus very seriously. The first line of defense against the often deadly virus is the janitorial staff, therefore we feel the need to help inform facility managers of tips to enhance the safety of both staff and customers. 

Clean Link recently shared a few tips for safer restroom use and sanitizing from Matt Morrison, Communication Manager for Kaivac. These tips include: 

• Washing your hands with hot and soapy water before and after using or cleaning the restroom. 
• Act as if the surfaces have been contaminated. 
• Avoid placing items onto the counter or floor incase that is a point of contamination. 
• Don’t directly touch door or flush handles. 
• Utilize the ISSA’s “spray-and-vac” cleaning systems in place of traditional cleaning methods in order to avoid direct contact with any surface. No Touch cleaning systems like the Hillyard’s C3xp Cleaning Companion can prevent worker contact with contaminated surfaces while cleaning better and faster.

At Lawton Brothers we consider it our job to help facilities prepare for prevention of infectious diseases. If your facility staff needs training, hospital grade disinfectants or alcohol-based sanitizers to help battle the spread of the Ebola virus, please contact your resource for janitorial supplies and equipment today. 

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