Tips For Battery Maintenance of Cleaning Equipment

by Lawton Brothers | Nov 10, 2016

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Cords have long been a thing of the past. Battery operated technologies are just the beginning of the chord free world. Everything from our phones to industrial sized cleaning equipment have gone cordless and will not be going back.The janitorial industry is continuously growing and advancing. Some of the most valuable growth and advancement has been made through the advancement in technology and through proper maintenance and care, we hope to keep it that way.


Machinery that is large and powerful enough to do hard work faster aids the janitorial world extensively when it comes to getting things done in a more timely manner and with more ease. The new and more advanced machinery used in janitorial processes is often battery operated. Batteries are becoming smaller, lighter, and more versatile. The result is machinery that can operate without a cord and that is easy to use without extra weight or bulkiness. It is the batteries that are responsible for making large projects a breeze by easing the process. The ability to complete tasks without being bogged down by a pesky cord is priceless. So why jeopardize that freedom by not taking proper care of the batteries?


Batteries are not meant to work forever, but their lives can be extended if taken care of properly. Over time, certain parts of batteries corrode and weaken. It has even been proven that every time you recharge certain batteries, their storage capacity decreases. That is why maintaining the life that batteries already do have is so crucial. If maintained properly, batteries have the potential to function properly twice as long as usual.


Taking care of this advanced equipment is extremely important for maintaining the life of the machinery and getting the best use of it. Making sure that the batteries that run the machinery are in good condition is one of the most simple ways to ensure that the equipment will do the best job that it can. Not only is it important to protect the life of your batteries, it is important to try and extend the life of your batteries in order to get more use and save money. Here are some helpful tips for maintaining your machine’s batteries:


-Keep batteries stored in a well-ventilated area

-Do not store batteries in extremely hot or cold areas

-Do not charge batteries in extremely hot or cold areas

-Maintain the correct water levels if battery is lead-acid or flooded

-Use distilled water for lead-acid or flooded batteries

-Clean batteries regularly with baking soda, water and a wire brush

-Use the batteries about every seven days

-Charge batteries after every use

-Leave batteries on charger when not in use


Maintaining the life of the batteries used in heavy cleaning machinery is one of the most important things to do when it comes to large equipment. Working with a maintenance program to better manage resources by helping to minimize time and save money is a great option if maintenance often falls to the back burner. Having a technician regularly inspect and perform any necessary maintenance on your machines could save your company an incredible amount of money down the road.


Although batteries are not at all a new technology, the versatility and improvements that have been made with batteries is massive. Tons of research has and is still being done to constantly find ways to make batteries stronger and to make batteries stay stronger over longer periods of time. Through all the discoveries and advancements made regarding batteries, one thing has stayed consistent and that is the importance of maintenance.


If the batteries in your machinery are not functioning at their highest performance level, then it is safe to say that your machine is not functioning how it could and should be either. The batteries are essentially the lifeline of the equipment it is powering and could potentially make or break the job it is doing. When the machinery involved in a janitorial job is not functioning as effectively as it should be, the work takes longer and the job has the potential to get even dirtier. Not maintaining the battery life of your heavy machinery provides you with the perfect environment for machinery failure and possible business setbacks.

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