Superbugs Put Pressure on Janitors

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 22, 2014

Lawton Brothers Janitorial Supplies

At Lawton Brothers we know that clean means healthy. Whether we are working with a school or healthcare facility, we go the extra mile to ensure your facility’s cleaning crew has all the tools they need to fight illness and infection. The recent increase of antibiotic-resistance bacteria is making janitor duties more crucial than ever. 

As antibiotic-resistant bacteria become more prevalent, the pressure on janitors to sanitize thoroughly has increased. CleanLink’s recent article by Lisa Ridgely discusses the issue of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or “superbugs” in-depth. Dwell time, or the length of time a cleaning product needs to be in contact with pathogens or microbes in order to kill them was previously approximately ten minutes long. With advanced formulas, chemical cleaning products have reduced dwell time to a minute or less and in turn have sped up kill claims. Your cleaning products will have their specific dwell times listed on their label.  

As your resource for janitorial supplies and solutions, we are happy to assist you in keeping your facility as clean and healthy as possible and we look forward to helping you sanitize against antibiotic-resistance bacteria. 


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