Soap Dispensers Need Attention Too

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 01, 2015

washing hands with liquid soap
As your resource for janitorial supplies in Central Florida, Lawton Brothers enjoys keeping our clients informed of studies and findings that affect your operations. A recent article by
Building Services Management, shed light on an often-overlooked issue: the cleanliness of hand soap dispensers. 

Hand soap dispensers are installed in a majority of public restrooms. These dispensers are either top-loading bulk fill dispensers, or sealed soap dispensing systems. A study conducted in 2011, found that bulk fill soap dispensers in public restrooms could be, “A vector, contributing to the spread of pathogenic microorganisms.” 

Many bulk fill hand soap dispensers are affixed to the wall, making them cumbersome to clean. As a result, soap is “topped off” as it gets low. The unit itself is rarely cleaned. When more soap is simply being added to a possibly contaminated batch, the proliferation of bacteria, biofilm and microorganisms is imminent. 

In the interest of public heath, the CDC now recommends facilities use soap dispensers that are either use sealed disposable refills, or able to be sanitized after they are emptied. A great option is to choose sealed soap dispensing systems.  These systems are comprised of a sealed cartridge of soap and a built-in nozzle. When these cartridges are empty, they are simply disposed of and replaced. Providing new, uncontaminated soap.  

At Lawton Brothers we understand that the cleanliness of your facility is a great value to your bottom line. Contact your resource for janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies to ask about your options in restroom cleanliness. 

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