Smart Cleaning: Effectively Cleaning Your Building & Reducing Customer Friction

by Lawton Brothers | Mar 17, 2020

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As a key person in the decision-making process at your company, have you ever discussed the issues your cleaning crew was having with its cleaning supply option? If you haven’t, you may be interested to know that they may be having more problems than you think. 

If your cleaning crew is having to sweep, mop and wipe down different areas in your building, they may be trying to carry multiple items at once. Not only is this inefficient, but could also cause an accident for them or someone else.

That’s why we believe investing in a cart carrying system that has multiple functions can save your employees time and keep them safe. Continue reading to learn more about cleaning effectively and what options we have to help your staff do this. 


In our blog, Is Store Cleanliness Important to Drawing in Customers, we discussed a 2016 study that found that consumers will not return a store due to:

 ●     Bad odors such as unkept trash, food not being disposed of, etc

●      Unclean restroom such as trash receptacles not being taken out, toilets not being clean, etc

●      Unclean entry points such as trash being thrown to the ground rather than in a trash can

●      Unkept changing rooms

●      Reviews of uncleanliness

Not only can you drive away customers, but your employees may also be at risk. Your cleaning crew is most often exposed to physical injuries and harmful chemicals. 

According to the National Safety Council, one of the most common injuries to workers are sprains, strains or tears. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 46,000 injuries sustained by janitors and cleaners, which required them to take off work. The cleaning industry has the 16th highest rate of injuries across all industries. How can you combat the decrease in traffic to your facility AND keep your employees safe? Have you heard the phrase, “work smarter, not harder?” 


Wouldn’t it be nice to have one cart that could carry all cleaning products rather than needing to carry a mop bucket, mop and cleaning products and materials? We think so, too, which is why we’re encouraging you to help your team work smarter, not harder. We believe the Hillyard C3 XP Cleaning Companion could be a good addition to your cleaning crew. 

There are four types of systems; Clean, Vac and Supply, the Clean, Supply and Trash, the Clean and Vac or the Clean and Supply. 

Clean, Vac and Supply System 

The C3 XP Cleaning Companion is designed with a vacuum, restocking system and caddy nest for cleaning supplies. A water-resistant bag in the back can hold three - 800 ft of hard-wound paper towel rolls and six rolls of toilet paper while still having room for trash lines and other supplies. 

Clean, Supply and Trash 

The clean, supply and trash system is designed to hold squeegees, be in use for light trash pick-up and can hold restocking supplies. The removable nest of maid caddies can be mounted in the front of the cart on a pivot arm or on top of the cart, and the front can be mounted with a water-resistant bag, which can also act as a shelf. The back of the cart holds a water-resistant bag that can hold towels and toilet paper. 

Clean and Vac 

The Clean and Vac system was designed to be a compact cart for quick cleaning jobs and vacuum recovery. This system still has a removable next of maid caddies, where you could also store liners and other supplies. 

Clean and Supply

The Clean and Supply system is very similar to the Clean, Supply and Trash system, except for the second water-resistant bag on the back of the cart. 


At Lawton Brothers, our goal is to help you and your staff find efficient and effective ways of cleaning smarter, not harder. That’s why we believe in the power of the Hillyard C3 XP Cleaning Companion. Give us a call to talk about any of the systems we mentioned, as well as if you have any questions: 800.432.0813

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