Selecting a Chemical Dilution System

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 15, 2022

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We all know that too much of anything is never a good idea, but many of us don’t apply the same rule when it comes to cleaning products. Especially in the case of cleaning chemicals, too strong of a concentrate can damage your surfaces, appliances, and even staff – all while using more of your budget than necessary! Due to the safety, waste, and cost concerns around proper chemical dilution, there has been a growing demand for dispensing systems. 

Over the past few decades, advancements in technology have given us a wide variety of systems to choose from, which can make the selection process a bit daunting. Here, we’ll consider the four most important factors for choosing the right dilution system for your facility. 


All cleaning chemicals (especially highly concentrated versions) should be kept in a secure location. Concentrates in the dispenser and the refills should be stored out of the way to avoid misuse. The recommended options will have a closed-loop design to seal the concentrates, securely connect to the dilution mechanism, and prevent backflow. This will reduce employee contact with chemicals and ensure a facility's water supply does not become contaminated with the cleaning chemicals. Additionally, a system that is simple and easy to operate will provide the most safety. For example, color-coded buttons can help reduce human error and keep staff safer. 


Automated dilution controls are designed to adjust the ratio of liquids automatically, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The accuracy of your chemical dilution system will give a higher quality clean and maintain your facility for longer. When considering your dilution system, check to see what chemicals are recommended and if you need multiple chemicals dispensed. 


Selecting a system that fits into your space can make all the difference. In larger facilities, wall-mounted dispensers that can mix up to four cleaning solutions can be ideal for a primary cleaning location. Conversely, there are also portable dispensers that can be stored in a closet when not in use. These smaller systems are easily transportable and are perfect for smaller, crowded areas. 


When you choose a dilution system, you’re actually helping the environment. These systems significantly reduce the carbon footprint by shipping less water with concentrates, while reducing water, energy, and chemical waste with proper dilution. Not only that but there are specific green-certified products and recyclable containers, so your facility can meet and maintain its sustainability goals. 

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