Keeping Allergens out of Commercial Spaces

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 09, 2018

keep allergens out
Many varied conditions can affect the interior of a commercial building and contribute to the level of allergens. Too many allergens can produce environmental conditions that are uncomfortable and unhealthy for humans causing symptoms of discomfort and chronic sickness.

Controlling Dust and Dirt

Unswept floors with accumulated dust and dirt can contribute to high levels of allergens and indoor pollution. When dust is present in large quantities in a commercial building, people can suffer runny noses, sore throats, headaches, irritated eyes, even asthma attacks and serious lung infections. Dust build-up can also damage electronic equipment and eventually a building’s HVAC systems.

Careful and regular maintenance dusting of an office building can eliminate allergens and prevent ‘sick building syndrome’ that can cause employees to miss work days due to allergy symptoms. Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed frequently and deep-cleaned at regular intervals to remove ground in dirt and other debris that contribute to employee’s allergies. Window shades and furnishing should also be periodically vacuumed to remove not only dust but dust mites as well.

Hardwoods, polished cement, or tile needs to be kept clean and dry to prevent not only allergens, but employee and customer falls and other accidents. In restaurants and hospitals the floors need to be kept not only dry but extremely clean and free of harmful bacteria.

High Levels of Moisture

High levels of moisture inside of a building can produce unpleasant and unhealthy conditions, such as encouraging the growth of fungus and molds. Some varieties of mold can produce chronic respiratory symptoms, such as throat, eye, or skin irritation, nasal and sinus congestion. Mold can also cause chronic coughs and asthma-like symptoms.

Making sure that a commercial building is well-ventilated can help reduce indoor high humidity levels. Also, installing a dehumidifier can reduce moisture in the air and help prevent mold growth.

Having a commercial building regularly inspected for water leaks can also reduce mold growth by identifying the source of moisture. Leaking roofs, windows, or water pipes can all cause mold growth if neglected and should be repaired immediately.

Inspect HVAC Systems

Keeping the HVAC system clean and in good repair can keep the air clean and allergen-free. Make sure to change all air filters routinely, so dust and other debris doesn’t build up inside the equipment and duct system and is redistributed back into the building. Also, drain pans should be frequently checked to make sure proper drainage is taking place. If the water backs up in the drain pans bacteria and mold can multiply rapidly in the water and contaminate the surrounding air.

Pest Control

Unclean conditions in a commercial setting can encourage the infestation of pests, such as roaches, flies, dust mites, or rats that can cause various illnesses in humans. Unswept floors can cause dust mites and trash not removed on a regular basis can encourage the presence of rodents.

The presence of cockroaches and rodents can trigger asthma attacks in the building’s occupants, and rat droppings contain easily transmitted, deadly diseases that can infect humans. Dust mites can also cause respiratory distress and other health symptoms as well.

Keeping a commercial building clean is the first line of defense with pest control. Making sure all possible food sources are well stored in roach, ant, and rodent-proof containers will help prevent infestations. Remove any possible food source and pests can’t thrive and multiply in numbers.

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Our highly trained technicians can also repair maintenance equipment for your business as well as provide a planned preventative program for cleaning machines. We also have a rental program.

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