Scary Stories: Restroom Cleaning Nightmares

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 03, 2018

restroom cleaning nightmares
It’s no secret the public judges a company by the cleanliness of their restrooms. People check out the condition of a restaurant’s restrooms before they order anything to eat. They reason that if the restroom is dirty the kitchen where the food is prepared is dirty also.

The same rule applies to other types of businesses as well. Unclean restrooms give customers the impression of a lack of pride and organization. A dirty restroom or one not well-stocked with toilet paper and other necessities can transmit the message to the public that your business doesn’t care about the needs of the customer.

Restroom Disasters Are Bad for Business

You want your company’s restroom to be clean and germ-free, but what do you do if suddenly you discover your clean restroom is transformed into a nightmare of filth? Consider the following true stories.

Daniel, a warehouse manager, described such a scenario when he came to work one morning expecting a typical workday. However, that soon changed when a worker reported a ‘huge mess’ in one of the restrooms. Daniel went to investigate and found that the description of a ‘huge mess’ was a gross understatement. One of the toilet stalls was dripping with liquid feces and smelling horrible. How such a thing happened was a mystery, and no staff member would admit to causing such a massive cleanup job.

John, a restaurant owner, had a similar problem happen in his eating establishment. One super-busy evening one of the servers came to him and reported a horrible problem in one of the restrooms. It seemed that someone had smeared feces all over a stall wall, the toilet, and even all over the sink. This situation presented a big problem for the health of the other patrons that needed to use the restroom. The risk of a bacterial infection, such as the deadly E. coli, which is commonly transmitted by contact with feces, was a strong possibility.

Jennifer S, who runs a busy food market, was horrified when an employee hurried up to her to report an overflowing toilet in one of the restrooms along with a clogged floor drain. Something had become lodged in a toilet, and the contaminated water flooded the whole restroom. Dirty, contaminated toilet water inside a market filled with fresh food could create a safety hazard, and Jennifer had a reason to be so concerned.

Professional Training Is Best

Janitorial staff needs professional training if they are expected to do an effective job of keeping public restrooms sparkling clean and in excellent working order. Professional training by maintenance experts is the best method to produce skilled custodians that do the job right. You want to be proud of your public restrooms as much as the rest of your company. Invest in the best!

With the right professional training and plenty of high-quality cleaning supplies, your janitorial crew should be able to handle any situation, from an overflowing toilet to more complicated matters, such as the situations described above. If there is a ‘huge mess’ in your public restroom, your janitorial staff should have enough training to feel confident they can handle the cleanup with no problem.

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