Protecting Your Janitorial Staff from Restroom Hazards

by Lawton Brothers | Feb 11, 2015
Janitorial Supply Company Lawton Brothers

At Lawton Brothers we recognize the importance of protecting our janitorial staff members. As they are often on the frontlines of not-so-desirable restroom cleaning scenarios, it’s vital that we take the appropriate steps to ensure their health and safety. 

A recent Building Services Management article highlighted the role that janitorial staff members play in disinfecting against disease. In the wake of the recent Ebola outbreak, several industry leaders have gone the extra mile in helping facilities prepare their staff. The following several steps should be implemented for safer cleaning practices for janitorial staff members: 

• Pick up all liter and trash using a Ettore Grip’N Grab litter pick up tool.
• Spray all surfaces with a hospital grade disinfectant  before cleaning the restroom. Realize that any surface within the restroom might be contaminated. 
• Don’t place anything on the floor or the counters of the restroom to avoid transferring any contamination. 
• Stand several feet away from a flushing toilet to avoid being splashed.
• Always take precautions like wearing gloves, goggles.
• Rather than traditional cleaning methods, use ISSA spray-and-vac cleaning systems in order to avoid direct surface contact. 
• Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after cleaning restrooms and have paper towels easily accessible. 

As your janitorial supplies company, we hope that you find these tips helpful in protecting your janitorial staff. Please contact the team at Lawton Brothers today for more information regarding how our staff can help your staff improve their disinfectant process. 
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