Promoting Safety in the Workplace

by Lawton Brothers | May 01, 2020


In the recent coronavirus pandemic, as a business owner, you most likely have heard about the importance of cleanliness in the workplace or how essential it is to close your business during this time. 

Who is most like to get coronavirus? Older adults and individuals who have chronic medical conditions. While your business or office may be staffed with a younger demographic, you still need to think about individuals coming in contact with your business or individuals who work there. For Florida, this is especially true as 19 percent of the population is over the age of 65

Due to the overwhelming new cases of coronavirus in and out of the United States, all of these points of view are understandable; however, if you can not close your business or office, there are certain measures you can be taking to promote cleanliness in the workplace, during the pandemic and beyond. 


In a recent blog, The Dirtiest Places in Your Office: Effective Cleaning Habits for 2020, we highlighted a couple of insights from DeskTime, specifically that eighty percent of infections spread through dirty and unclean surfaces than from coughs. While we recognize the transmission of coronavirus begins with exposure to respiratory droplets, we still believe that it’s important, like the CDC, to limit transmission through items that infected individuals may have used or touched. 

And, according to WebMD, coronavirus isn’t the only thing an employee or customer could pick up in the office. Due to the high traffic volume of door handles, coffee makers and even keyboards, without proper cleaning and hand hygiene, every employee is at risk of transmitting illnesses. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are multiple avenues an employer can take to keep their employees and customers safe during this time. While our team will list out cleaning activities that you should take in your business, this excludes large gatherings, universities and healthcare settings. For more information on cleaning habits for these events or institutions, please visit the CDC website: 

●      Large Events

●      Institutions

●      Healthcare Settings

 For businesses and offices: 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces 

Prior to disinfecting, if the areas are dirty, clean off the area with soap and water. Next, areas can be disinfected using diluted household bleach, alcohol solutions and EPA-registered household cleaners. 

Staff who are cleaning the area should wear gloves and gowns, and wash hands after the use of gloves and gowns. 

If there has been an infected person in the business, it is recommended that the area used by the person be closed off to employees and customers. Before cleaning, it is recommended that cleaning staff wait 24 hours before beginning to clean and disinfect the area, as well as open doors to the outside to promote air circulation. 

Other recommendations that the CDC has made to employers include: 

●      Encouraging sick employees to stay at home.

●      Separate sick employees.

●      Promote a healthy workplace such as having proper hand hygiene

●      Increase workplace environmental cleaning  


At Lawton Brothers, we understand that right now the safety of your workplace and customers is the top priority. Our team can work with you to understand which cleaning products are needed based on your office and its needs. For more information about the coronavirus, please visit the CDC website here

If you’d like to talk about your cleaning goals, please give us a call at 800.432.0813.

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