Promote Hand Hygiene with These Easy Tips

by Lawton Brothers | Sep 01, 2014
Lawton Brothers Cleaning Solutions

Because hands are extremely capable of perpetuating the spread of germs, at Lawton Brothers we are always looking for ways to improve staff hand hygiene. Ronnie Garrett’s recent CleanLink article explains ways to promote hand hygiene within healthcare facilities and prevent the spread of germs. 

The article discusses several steps a facility can take in order to ensure the best hand hygiene possible. Some of the steps are admittedly simple, but some facilities need a little reminder. Keeping the soap dispensers filled is a very important step for a facility cleaning crew. Levels of soap should be monitored frequently so that there is never a lapse. The amount of soap dispensers and their proximity to the sink will also encourage proper hand hygiene. Signs reminding the staff to wash their hands properly and for the appropriate amount of time also help reduce the spread of germs. Hand sanitizing dispensers should also be readily available in a number of locations.  

At Lawton Brothers we are proud to be your janitorial equipment supplier, and we look forward to helping your facility increase its cleaning process in any way we can. 
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