Product Spotlight: Greentech Active HEPA+ Room with ODOGard

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 09, 2023

Whether it’s allergy season and you want to reduce the pollutants in the air or it’s flu season and you’re attempting to prevent it from ravaging your office, the Greentech Active HEPA+ air purifier can help. Coming in two different size options (one for spaces up to 575 sq ft and one for spaces up to 1325 sq ft), this smart air purifier uses three types of filtration technologies to scrub air free of pollen, dander, and VOCs. 

Multi-Stage Purification

The Greentech Active HEPA+ purifier uses HEPA filtration, bipolar ionization, and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) components to scrub the air. As air is pulled in, the HEPA filter traps and destroys allergens and uses Greentech’s Odogard coating to help eliminate odors. The bipolar ionization brushes then create negative and positive charges to remove other contaminants. Finally, the PCO technology uses UV light and moisture to destroy any pathogens in the air. A five-speed fan draws in unfiltered air, and returns purified air back into the room. 

Tech Features

The top of the purifier features a 6-inch color touch-screen panel and a square LED indicator. The panel displays the general air quality (Poor, Fair, and Good) in big, white letters, along with bars below the text that light up red, yellow, or green corresponding to the air quality. The panel also tells the current room temperature and humidity level, along with the remaining life expectancy of the various parts. 

At the base of the display screen are the Power, Fan Speed, Night Mode, and Information buttons. The Fan Speed will allow you to cycle through five different speeds, while the auto mode will set the fan speed depending on the air quality (faster/higher when the air quality is poorer). The Night Mode button will dim the panel and completely turn off the LED and bar indicators for eight hours at a time – you can also customize the timing using the mobile app. While in this mode, you can tap any button to wake the display. Finally, the information button flips through the air quality, temperature, and humidity readings, as well as the remaining life percentages of the HEPA, PCO, and BPI parts. 

The Greentech Connect app allows mobile control of your air purifier. Set the ideal purification levels, change to night mode, and get up-to-date information about the status of the room, including air quality, fan speed, indoor temperature, humidity readings, and even outdoor temperature and weather conditions. 

Breathe Easy with Greentech

With the Greentech Active HEPA+ Air Purifier, you can achieve ideal air quality within your space in as little 30 minutes. Reduce volatile organic compounds, allergens, odors, and bacteria (including up to 99.98% of SARS-CoV-2) with the press of a button. Control your air quality on the go, with the mobile app. And breathe easy, knowing that you and your employees are protected from pollutants and contaminants. Give us a call today or check out our catalog to take one home today: 800.432.0813.

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