Preparing Your Business for the Holidays

by Lawton Brothers | Oct 28, 2020


As the holiday season approaches, it is important to start preparing early on. With the influx of patrons out shopping and enjoying their free time with friends or family, now is the time to get a head start on planning your cleaning and safety efforts for the next few months. By getting started now, you can avoid any mishaps or last-minute preparations. Here are a few tips to help decrease the holiday stress for your business. 

Be Extra Kind to Your Floors

During the holiday and winter season, your floors endure a lot of traffic. It’s important to take extra care of them during this time to prevent above-average wear and tear. At entryways and exits, be sure to use matting and rugs to prevent slippage. This can also help prevent damage to your floors from items that would otherwise be tracked inside. Additionally, vacuum walkways and wax or polish your floors to maintain a long-time shine. 

Kill Germs to Avoid Illness

It’s no secret that colds are more common during the final months of the year. Especially this year, keeping germs at bay is essential. Set aside time to ensure that your employees understand how to prevent themselves from getting sick as well as customers. Provide training year-round on proper sanitization and disinfection, including high traffic areas and hot spots that deserve extra attention. 

Identify Any Special Cleaning Needs

Many businesses put up holiday decorations and celebrate throughout the season. Don’t forget to account for any damage or mess your decorations could make. If your office hosts a Christmas tree, you will likely have to take extra cleaning precautions to prevent pine needles from wandering around the facility. This goes the same for glittery pumpkins, fake snow, or any other holiday decorations. Where possible, make sure decorations are out of walkways and won’t inhibit safety. 

Increase Cleaning Regimens

As mentioned, the number of visitors to your facility will likely increase during the holidays. As this occurs, your business will become dirty much more quickly than other times of the year. Try to anticipate the number of guests in your facility on a daily basis and make note of high traffic time frames to determine when to clean. You will need to clean more frequently and more effectively to keep your business looking and running as usual. 

Holidays with Lawton Brothers

The increase in sales and traffic during the holidays gives you plenty to worry about as a business owner. Let us handle your holiday cleaning regimen! Give us a call for a free cleaning audit at: 800.432.0813.

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