Practice Proper Vacuum Maintenance for Surprise-Free Cleaning

by Lawton Brothers | Feb 09, 2015

janitorial equipment and supplies

At Lawton Brothers we recently shared a blog intended to answer your questions regarding how often your janitorial crew should vacuum different areas of carpet within your facility. While the actual process of vacuuming is vital to the cleanliness of your facility and the health of your guest and staff, vacuums require regular maintenance in order to keep up with daily demand. If you manage a facility or janitorial crew, chances are you’ve experienced the drama of an equipment failure just when you needed to use it most. That’s why routine maintenance is vital to keeping your facility running smoothly.

The vacuum has several components that require routine attention including bags, filters, belts, and brush rollers. The bags should be replaced once the bag reaches two-thirds full before needing replacement, as when the bag becomes full, the vacuum loses suction and decreases in efficiency. Over time the belts of the vacuum will wear out and get loose. In order to keep the belts in working order, they must be replaced routinely. The brush roller will also need to be monitored regularly to clear any build-ups of hair or other items that could impede its efficiency. Once the brush roller is worn down and no longer makes contact with the fibers of the carpet, it will require replacement. 

As your resource for janitorial equipment and supplies here in Central Florida, we hope that your janitorial staff finds this information helpful in keeping your janitorial process running smoothly. Please contact the staff at Lawton Brothers today for assistance with your janitorial staff and products.   
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