Noroviruses Found to Travel by Air

by Lawton Brothers | Jun 15, 2015

man wearing respirator

At Lawton Brothers, we supply a wide range of janitorial teams with the equipment they need to maintain clean, healthy facilities. Our health care clients are held to a very high standard, because the work they do can be a determining factor in the health and wellbeing of patients within that facility.

A recent study found that noroviruses, the viruses that cause gastroenteritis, are airborne pathogens. This knowledge, however unsettling, can help janitorial teams do everything they can to help quell the spread of these contagious viruses.  

Infection Control Today explained that researchers collected air samples, one meter away from patients, at the doors of their rooms and at nurse’s stations. They found between 13 to 2350 particles of norovirus per cubic meter of air. Their findings suggested that the measures to contain this type of contagion had previously been insufficient.

Now that we understand air transmits this infection, there are many things janitorial teams can do to curb an outbreak. Maintaining mobile air filtration units and replacing filters of stationary units may help capture virus particles. Also, requiring your janitorial staff to wear respiratory masks as a protective measure ensures they will not fall ill. 

As your resource for janitorial supplies and equipment, we enjoy keeping our clients informed. If you have any questions or would like to learn how we can help you maintain the healthiest facilities, please give us a call today. 

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