New to the Safe Chemicals List

by Lawton Brothers | Aug 31, 2020

As health and green living have been at the forefront of innovation in recent years, the EPA continues to expand the list of Safer Chemicals. Products with the Safer Choice label allow consumers the option to purchase safer chemical ingredients without the sacrifice of quality or performance. Currently, there are more than 2,000 products that currently qualify as a Safer Choice – and more are added every year. 

What Makes a “Safer” Chemical?

Upon submitting a product to the EPA, the applicant must provide the complete formula (regardless of percentage, and inclusive of residuals) along with the function of each ingredient, a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), effective use concentrations, product performance data, and a variety of other information about the chemical. Throughout the certification process, there are product requirements, component-specific requirements, and profiler requirements that all must be met. These requirements may change depending on the use of the product; however, one main requirement is seen in all Safer Choice products – biodegradation. This means that a product doesn’t accumulate and breaks down by itself naturally over time. Products that are less likely to pass are those this test are those with high acute or chronic aquatic toxicity and/or a slow rate of biodegradation (more than 28 days). 

Recently, the EPA approved eight new chemical ingredients for inclusion in the list. The newest ingredients were submitted by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) in May of this year. The inclusion of these ingredients marks the first time the EPA has approved a chemical that was submitted by a non-manufacturer. Though this is an exciting first (particularly for ACI), it certainly won’t be the last! 

Why Should I Choose Safer Chemicals?

As a business owner, using EPA Safer Choice Chemicals can show your community and customers that you not only care about their safety and satisfaction, but the environment as well. Furthermore, the most effective way to eliminate/reduce health incidents in the workplace is by starting at the source. Unlike other strategies, using Safer Choices can avoid exposure to harmful materials entirely. 

In the United States, it is estimated that more than 190,000 illnesses and 50,000 deaths occur annually as the cause of chemicals. Replacing known hazardous chemicals with safer alternatives can help reduce these numbers and keep your employees safe. 

How Do I Find Safer Choices?

Safer Chemicals are easily recognizable by their EPA Safer Choice label. Additionally, the EPA has a full list on their website where visitors can search for certified products by name, use, and even the type of product:

 Still unsure about your chemicals? Lawton Brothers offers Green Cleaning audits as well as a variety of green products and safer choice chemicals. Give us a call today: 800.432.0813.

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