Benefits of Floor Matting in the Healthcare Industry

by Lawton Brothers | Jan 23, 2020


Lack of floormats or floormats that are in a state of disrepair can contribute to rising worker compensation claims due to workplace accidents, along with an increase in worker fatigue. As a company, it can be hard to know exactly what to do. The most straightforward answer, one that many don't think about, is installing or replacing your facility's floor matting, which has been proven to decrease workplace accidents and worker fatigue. 

Our team has compiled a straightforward list of the benefits of floor matting, especially in the healthcare industry. Below we’ve also outlined the different types of floor matting that could be useful for your needs. 


At Lawton Brothers, we believe matting is essential for any business where employees are standing for long periods or working with food and liquids. The benefits of using commercial-grade floor mats in your facility include: 

●       Decreasing the risks associated with wet shoes/floors

●       Reducing glassware breaking

●       Decreasing foot, leg and back pain associated with being on the feet for long periods

●       Increasing productivity

●       Preventing workplace injuries 

In our blog, Matting Madness: Part 1, we discussed a three-step matting program that was introduced by Steve Spencer, a facilities specialist at State Farm Insurance: 

●       Phase one starts outside. This phase begins with a large scraper run that is designed to scrape offer large amounts of soil from the shoes.

●       Phase two takes place in the building entrance. This is where an indoor scraper mat is recommended, which will remove soil, water, and debris from the shoes.

●       Phase three consists of the indoor wiper mat. This type of mat is to dry off the shoes, which can prevent falls.

These three phases will designate the type of mat you will need depending on the space you are putting it in. 


At Lawton Brothers, we offer a complete line of matting options depending on the need of our client. These matting options could include outdoor scraper mats, indoor scraper mats, indoor wiper mats and anti-fatigue mats. 

Outdoor scraper mats are commercial grade mats that are typically a building's first line of defense against dirt, mud or other residues that could be tracked into the building. It is recommended that a scraper mat be placed right outside of the building's entrance so that heavy soil can be removed before entering the building. At Lawton Brothers, we offer eight different kinds of outdoor scraper mats, including: 

M + A Matting 385 Brush Hog Plus Scraper Mat

M + A Matting Super Scrape™ Scraper Mats

M + A Matting SuperScrape Eco Mats

PRO-LINK® Mat-A-Dor™ Mats

M + A Matting Frontier Mats

PRO-LINK® Outdoor 1-2-3 Mats

PRO-LINK® Tire-Track™ Mats

PRO-LINK® Rubber Scraper Mats 

An indoor scraper mat is designed to further stop soil and residue from getting into the facility further. These mats are recommended to be placed right inside of the entrance door and will place a major role in removing finer soils and water. We offer 12 kinds of indoor scraper mats, including:

M + A Matting Waterhog® Masterpiece® Select Mats

M + A Matting Waterhog® Fashion Border Diamond Mats

M + A Matting Waterhog® Classic Border Diamond Mats

M + A Matting Safety Scrape™ Black Mat - 3' x 5'

M + A Matting Waterhog® Eco Premier Mats

M + A Matting Waterhog® Eco Grand Premier Mats

M + A Matting Waterhog™ Eco Premier Fashion Mats

PRO-LINK® Berber Style Wiper/Scraper Mats

PRO-LINK® Chevron™ Indoor & Outdoor Wiper/Scraper Mats

PRO-LINK® Super Soaker Diamond Mats

PRO-LINK® Super Soaker Wiper/Scraper Mats

PRO-LINK® Indoor/Outdoor 1-2-3 Mats

Indoor wiper mats are the final line of defense against soil being brought into the building. This type of mat is meant to remove any last soil or water left on the shoes, which can help reduce the risk of falling, as well as improve air quality. We offer seven types of these mats, including:

M + A Matting ColorStar™ Mats

PRO-LINK® Eco-Step™ Wiper Mat - 4' x 6', Granite

M + A Matting Cobblestone™ Indoor Mats

PRO-LINK® Grounds-Keeper™ Mat

PRO-LINK® Rug-Hugger II™ Mat

PRO-LINK® Economy Indoor Mats

PRO-LINK® Indoor 1-2-3 Mats

Healthcare professionals and employees who work at a healthcare facility who are on their feet for most of the day are most likely to suffer from foot, leg or back pain due to the long hours they are on foot. Anti-fatigue matting has been proven to reduce lactic acid build-up, which decreases the strain and pain put on the worker's body due to being up for long periods, boosts employee morale and lowers worker compensation claims due to injuries. At Lawton Brothers, we offer many different types of anti-fatigue mats, including:

M + A Matting Comfort Flow™ Mats

M + A Matting Hog Heaven® Anti-Fatigue Matting

Pro-Link® Tile Top Standard Anti-Fatigue Mat - 3' x 5'

PRO-LINK® Heavy Duty Beveled Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat

PRO-LINK® Heavy-Duty Beveled Rubber Kitchen Mat - 3' x 5'

PRO-LINK® Comfort-King™ Mats

PRO-LINK® Comfort-King™ Supreme Mat - 2' x 3', Black

PRO-LINK® Heavy-Duty Rubber Anti-Fatigue Mat - Black

PRO-LINK® Heavy-Duty Rubber Kitchen Mat - Terra Cotta

PRO-LINK® Tile Top Safety Anti-Fatigue Mats

PRO-LINK® Tile Top Safety Anti-Fatigue Mat -Black w/Yellow

Pro-Link® Tile Top Standard Anti-Fatigue Mat - 3' x 5'

At Lawton Brothers, we also offer other specialty mats. Our goal is to help our clients find the best floor matting that will be beneficial to their building. 


In our blog, Matting Madness Part II, we broke down an interview with JoAnne Boston, the head of business development with Crown Mats, and she recommended, "Because of the growing relationship between Green Cleaning and matting, green cleaning distributors are a good place to start when looking for someone to recommend the best mat for your facility." 

We understand that choosing a supplier for your matting options is essential and they must be trustworthy. We welcome you to put us to the test by giving us a call at 800-432-0813. At Lawton Brothers, we offer matting surveys for all kinds of facilities.

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