Matting Madness Part II: Matting FAQs Answered

by Lawton Brothers | Apr 13, 2015
FAQs, Frequently Asked Questions

We walk across entry mats on a daily basis, we know that we need them, but how often do we stop and think about how much matting actually does for our facility? If you’re curious about how your facility truly benefits from the proper mats, then you’ll find the information below to be helpful. 

CleanLink recently shared an article featuring an interview with JoAnne Boston, the head of business development with Crown Mats to answer some questions about the true role that entry mats play in your facility on a daily basis. We’ve compiled a summary of the interview to share with you here: 

Q: What is the main reason to choose entry mats for your facility? 
A: Entry mats prevent slips and falls, particularly in inclement weather. 

Q: What other roles do entry mats fill? 
A: Mats are becoming a key player in the game of Green Cleaning. They’re actually a requirement for LEED certification. Mats also help reduce employee fatigue, which is known to decrease productivity. 

Q: What’s a high-performance mat?
A: A high-performance mat is a high-quality mat that will need to be purchased instead of rented. Rented mats are typically not as efficient and come with a much shorter warranty. While the initial cost of a high-performance mat may be off-putting, their higher quality and longer warranty typically pay off in the long run. 

Q: What advice can you offer in regards to selecting the right mat
A: Because of the growing relationship between Green Cleaning and matting, green cleaning distributors are a good place to start when looking for someone to recommend the best mat for your facility. 

At Lawton Brothers we’re proud to serve as your green cleaning janitorial supply company. If you’re interested in learning more about mats and your facility, contact our team today. 
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