Matting Madness Part I: Comprehensive Matting Program

by Lawton Brothers | Apr 06, 2015
Busy Building, Lobby, Entry Mats

Floor mats; we use them everyday without even thinking about the job that they’re doing for us. The fact is that there’s people out there whose job is dedicated perfecting an entire program designed to improve matting and prevent slips and falls. As your go-to janitorial supplies company we can’t say enough about the importance of walk-off matting, therefore we dedicated an entire series of articles to discuss it in depth.  

Comprehensive matting programs have the ability to reduce injury and reduce the costs related to those injuries. According to a recent CleanLink article, Steve Spencer, a facilities specialist at State Farm Insurance spends his days improving comprehensive walk-off programs, who explains that it’s not only about matting. Spencer also explains that his program is successful because of its three phases as described below. 

Phase One. Phase one begins outside of the building with a large scraper mat designed to scrape of any large debris or soil from shoes and keep it outside. 
Phase Two. Phase two takes place in the immediate building entrance where a scraper/wiper mat is recommended. This matting is less abrasive than the outdoor mat but removes and retains debris. Spencer recommends testing this particular mat before you select one for your facility. Look for water capture, retention, and sand capture. 
Phase Three. Phase three is the indoor wiper mat. This mats primary function is to dry the shoe of moisture to prevent slip and falls. It’s important to make sure that your matting is not only long enough, but as wide as your doorways so that it will wear evenly.

At Lawton Brothers we believe that implementing a matting program will not only improve overall facility cleanliness, but safety as well. If you’re interested in learning more about how to successfully integrate mats throughout your facility, contact your janitorial supplies company today. 
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